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for as long as that doesn't happen, this series is Destination Nowhere: Lost in Story Development Hell
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Don't get me wrong. I am really enjoying this show, especially Kevin's story but it is so snail paced as to what's the connection with KKK and too much on each Ks that I am wondering where is this heading and will the balance of the episodes convince me of the love between Kristal-Kevin as it would with the cuteness overload that is between Kevin and Wong Sir? I mean Kevin and Wong Sir is the real pair here.

9 episodes in and each K doesn't know the other but those who knows each K knows the other person who knows the other Ks. I just feel this series is truly lost right now as to the connection between the KKK as it is too busy establishing the role of each K that it feels like 3 individual stories, emphasis on Kevin's even in some scenes it was teased how they almost crossed path.

But individually, I really like those who surrounds the Ks, not particularly each K themselves. Like the assistant of Kristal, Wong Sir, etc. I am warming to Kevin who may be the most cowardly police ever to be involved in perhaps the most violent criminal gang thus far, no denying he is smart in avoiding trouble and solve problems in his calm cowardly way. He really uses his brain and if he puts more effort, he could have been a better detective.

Kristal is now on a downward spiral and my guess is she will further descend to her personal hell with an uncaring husband and also as uncaring daughter. She is a failed wife and mother but her success is she got herself a super dedicated loyal assistant who looks up to her and she will probably do something to hurt his perception of her and truly disappoint her.

King Kong is still around for reasons I am now running out of patience to find out.

My guess for future episodes, maybe in the next  few episodes;

1. Kristal will accept bribe to pay for her daughter's education and this means the whole toxic paint used for government buildings will go away. Either that or she will sell that story to another and pocket some money. She will cry her heart out but what to do? Her daughter is just as rude and selfish as her greedy husband who she should have divorced long ago. Her assistant will find out but will keep this secret for her.

2. Wat Dee Gor is still dealing with arms, maybe.

3. Kevin will find out some secrets and catch Wat Dee Gor.

4. Somehow it will be connected to Kristal.

5. Kristal's daughter will be kidnapped, either by her expose of Wat Dee Gor or maybe her selfish husband did it. She will die.

6. Kevin will be involved and will fall for Kristal because it started with pity for a grieving mother.

Hopefully point 6 will come soon because for as long as that doesn't happen, this series is Destination Nowhere: Lost in Story Development Hell.

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  1. I agree with you that the show starts out really slow and I feel the show might better once the characters meets. But I think maybe having the show start out slow may be a good thing; it might allow us to to see Kevin and Kristen's character develop once they get "lost" with each other. Also, I think there are going to be 28 or 35 episodes in this series, because an episode airs every day of the week since it started and most Hong Kong drama series are roughly 30 episodes.


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