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“Evolution? they said to themselves. Who needs it? What nature refused to do for them they simply did without until they were able to correct the gross anatomical inconveniences with surgery.”

- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

[O] NIRVANA ON FIRE / 琅琊榜 / LANG YA BANG [2015][TV][[China]

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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click Read More link. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. SPOILERS ALERT!!

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琅琊榜 / Lang Ya Bang

English title
Nirvana in Fire


Broadcast period
2015-09-19 to 2015-10-15

Huge list here.

When I saw the title, I thought oh no not another xian xia series. But I was very surprised. First of, it is Hu Ge and it is his own voice I believe and the trailers are tempting and beautiful and epic and as long as he is not weak sickly like Meng Jiu, I am fine by that. I know zero about this series but when I read it is based on a C-novel which is more on bromance than romance, I am happy to anticipate this series. You can't beat the quality of the production, I see C-drama's favourite item, the fur coat. I am not too impressed with the costume or hair or ornaments which are a-typical and to which why The Journey Of Flower is awesome but they're subdued by the colour template. Everything else looks awesome, the title is awesome, the Chinese title is peculiar but memorable, especially scenery also awesome but first, the story is super awesome;

During the 4th century, war broke out between the feudal Northern Wei dynasty and Southern Liang dynasties, leading Liang's General Lin Xie to take his only child, the 17 year old Lin Shu, to battle. Unexpectedly, Lin Xie was framed by a political rival, causing the unjust deaths of seventy thousand Chi Yan army soldiers, just after they drove off the hostile Wei forces. Fortunately, the young Lin Shu was rescued by a loyal subordinate, although he barely escaped with his life. With the help of Lang Ya Hall, Lin Shu was able to establish the Jiang Zuo Alliance, and returns to the capital 12 years on as the leader Mei Changsu. He secretly assists his friend Xiao Jingyan, the unfavoured son of Emperor Wu and wisely rids the court of scheming officials, successfully overturning the past injustices imposed upon the Chi Yan army ahead of his imminent death. Northern Wei uses the current political instability and chaotic governance of Emperor Wu in their favour and attacks again. With no one to lead the army, Mei Chang Su takes the herb that would stimulate his physical abilities and in the last 3 months of his life, suppresses the opposing army, choosing to end his life the way Lin Shu would have it. [SOURCE]

Huge spoiler. He will die. Already am sad. Sounds intriguing! The book must be epic. Of course gotta chuck in a love story but basically.. I am a sucker for political historical fictional series that is not Qing dynasty. TVB, get this? Move on from Qing already!!

This is super awesome. See the 20 min trailer complete with a mesmerising song. CCTV should look out. People are making CCTV like series with actors who can act and who are handsome looking too!

But will the ratings beat The Journey Of Flower? I highly doubt it but this will win awards.

China is truly creating world class production. However, I hope no dubbing by other actors other than original actors, subtitles please and I am a happy woman. I heard the story is really political so I see no reason why there will be censorship. And the writer IS the screenwriter but hey, does he know how to adapt?

This plus Close Your Eyes, Here He Comes is another highly anticipated one, you can say my few months will be filled with C-Dramas.

By the way wouldn't it be the ultimate bromance if Wallace Huo plays the incumbent emperor? Wishful thinking!!

[O] WALLACE HUO JIANHUA [Actor][Part 3] : Why HD TV exists [Taiwan]

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The following consists of truths, lies, speculations, rumours, gossips, comments, reviews, opinions and analysis of everything Wallace Huo Jianhua. If you see this at the top of the post, it means it is updated. Click the Read More button below to see the entire post. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to.
Here is his profile

What is he in? 
Here is his filmography

You his fan? 
Sort of.

From whence? 
The Glamorous Imperial Concubine aka Qing Shi Huang Fei where I first saw him in HD TV and he was the sulky sullen unhappy angry miserable Liu Liancheng and I fell in love with him and was convinced HD is the way to go only if you're Wallace Huo. He was absolutely gorgeous (thank you to Ruby Lin for the beautiful angles and costumes!!) You can read my "love letter" to him in my review.

Got other posts about him? 
Yes, this is in fact part 3 of my comments. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here (Archive Blog).

More resources on him?
Chinese sites, can't help you. English ones, go to Jaynestars but be prepared to vomit blood since more concentrated on gossips and rumours. For more indepth stuff, go to his English fan forum, Forums.

He looks rested, gained weight and basically looks just darn awesome. Why didn't he look that way in Close Your Eyes? He in fact dressed like he just came from the Close Your Eyes set. Hair is longer. He must be growing it for a reason. Very very handsome.


[O] News at a glance : Where the world's going bonkers

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The world is going bonkers. So many things have happened in the past month or so, so hard to keep up, whether internationally or even locally.

I shall not comment much on locally, in our hearts we know or suspect the truth. What I must comment is on some report that Internet must be regulated for "our" protection. I am sorry but I disagree with that. That's how it starts isn't it? Any sort of restriction always starts with "our" protection. We don't need protection. We need free access so that we can judge for our own. Netizens were right to counter that if one gets accused in social media, which is a large court mind you, instead of shutting down the social media, why not prove it in social media? Whilst it is wishful thinking to say to prove it in a platform where everyone doesn't quite care about proof, it is a better idea than to restrict and close door. We are a nation of Multimedia Super Corridor and imagine what a laughing stock we are if our corridor is blocked? Leave it as it is. Malaysia is a tolerant moderate country in the eyes of the world, let's leave it that way.

And then there's MH370, where the debris are finally found, checked and confirmed. I know some victims' families refuse to give up hope, refuse to believe this is it, they're all gone and so demand for more proof. But the thing is, it is time to move on from are they alive (which from day 1 I suspected the worst) to the real question; why. They have a right to know and I hope more debris will shed some light. Some families may feel any answer is a cover up; even right now some still believe there were conspiracy and Malaysia is hiding something. We may be hiding a lot of things and we may have been too eager to pronounce something but when it comes to MH370, we are not hiding anything. We know as much as the next. I am quite touched to read Australia is still helping or rather leading the search. I wonder who is paying them and if payment is required, errr maybe some political funding can be used eh? For good use? It will some years but I believe one day we will know what happened and I believe it will exonorate the captain and his crew and prove to be the watershed in safety in aviation history. For one, I do not believe the captain or his crew did any hanky panky. The captain especially was under huge spotlight but from what I could read and gather from the news, again nothing concrete. Maybe in the end there is a perfectly reasonable explanation that is so simple, we will be smacking our faces for being so stupid not to see it and prevent the tragedy from happening.

Now internationally,things are just insane.

Read about ISIS raping girls as young as single digit age because they're not Muslims and to get closer to god, they had to do that. I can never get the logic because there isn't any. Also they can only rape non-halal girls, meaning non convert. Again, this defies logic. If they can't eat non-halal food, surely they shouldn't be able to rape non-halal people isn't it? Rape... what a terrible thing to do and to think that getting closer to good meant sexually abusing a little girl not yet having her period. Not yet a woman. There must be something about this somewhere. I have many Muslim friends, I grow up in Muslim country and nowadays you can't live too far away from a huge super mosque and at least 3 surrounding smaller mosques called surau and so you get their sung prayer several times a day. I got used to all that and sometimes even jokingly to myself said perhaps they should get better singers because when sung well, the prayer has a melodic calming tune to it. This is how my life is in a Muslim country. Yes we have our hiccups but none of them, those god fearing muslims will ever say raping an 8 year old is the way getting closer to god. Even they think that is one big pile of crappy justification. It pains me to read such news but in a way I am glad I am far away from such things. In fact recent news said an abducted western woman was also raped repeatedly by the top man, like his private comfort woman. It sickens me that they see a vagina, they see release of sexual pent up energy. So much sexual pent up energy. Do these people ever know the meaning of love? And joke if British girls and what nots travelling there to volunteer as brides. And when done, regretted and wanted to come home. Oh no way! No way! Could be a ruse! In the end this is like a repeat of WWII and their comfort women. And these girls never ever had a chance. Never.

Then there's the Tianjin blast with I read 2.x richter scale. So powerful even the paints of new cars were blown off. Firemen died, always firemen and now people evacuated because breathing cyanide is surely not the way to go. I was waiting for wailing relatives ala MH370. I know that sounds terrible but if you want to compare transparency, ha! Try China! If Fukushima had happened in China, the entire town had to be evacuated. The force of the explosion was so great, there's even a huge hole! What on earth happened there? Is safety such a non issue? Pity the people.

On a lesser scale, remember there was a news report in Taiwan about a group of people attending some concert and fire started from the powder confetti used? People were literally running around on fire? That was scary. Imagine that. No one ever checked if that powder can be used in that context. And what happened? People died a terrible death or will suffer aganozing skin grafts for many years to come.

Same goes for the roller coaster ride report where a girl lost her leg. Can never understand how safety can be so neglected. Just insane.

And now Bangkok, Thailand. I was in Thailand some time ago and I think I also went to the Erawan Shrine. I can't remember if my hotel was nearby. I read heartbreaking stories of a Malaysian family where 4 of the family members died or something like that. How they are afraid to tell the old grandmother. It is a matter of pure bad luck and this reminds me of the Boston Marathon bombing. That was vicious. This is also vicious. This is Thailand; land of the buddhists where they accept transgender people, where they have rallies and protests almost every week and when I was there also got protests but was peaceful, nothing bad happened. Why the bomb? And at a time where the area is busiest. That is just plain malicious vicious evil act to do. I don't get it.

World's going bonkers.

And Malaysia's Ringgit ... I wanted to buy some stuff in USD and I had the shock of my life how a few hundred in USD translated to almost a thousand in MYR. 

We are not ok. I hope someone is doing something to fix these not ok stuff.

The world's really going bonkers.


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I am now effectively writing full recaps aka episodic thoughts for this series. What started as an intention to write about how I feel had to expand to full episodic thoughts because what a waste if I did not. I enjoyed recapping them so I hope you might have a look and be tempted to watch the series too! I am about 2 episodes behind for the Uncut version.

For those unfamiliar, there is a version called TV Hunan version which is shorter but is at episode 40 and Uncut version broadcast over internet which is at Episode 35. Uncut doesn't mean not censored, just segmented differently, some scenes may be in one version but not the other. I am following the Uncut version.

If you are wondering where did my The Journey Of Flower / Hua Qiangu page together with the download page gone to, I have moved them to one blog, all neatly categorised since my recap is getting more and more detailed. Find them all here at this dedicated link;

All comments also moved there under PREVIOUS COMMENTS post. Any new comments do post in respective posts. No worries, download page is there. So bookmark that blog and no updates will be announced here. I bet that blog will be more active than this one.

Anyway I am still updating the template so please excuse the mess. When done, it will be far easier to see than the previous one long post.

On TVB new series

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I have officially given up on Brick Slaves. Really cliche, same old same old. Back to devoting my time to The Journey Of Flower, a must watch by the way.

I am watching TVB again that is Brick Slaves purely for Vincent Wong and he doesn't disappoint. Problem is can they cut the silliness with Serena's character? Getting on my nerves...

and I just saw an ad for a series called The Fixer with actors I don't care about like Mandy Wong as a lawyer (yawn), Chin Kar Lok as some leader of some ultra Mission Impossible type group (seriously? You buy that Chin Kar Lok is that smart?), and everybody else I don't care about about a series that depends as much on style as it is on chemistry of the actors and individual star power. I can never understand TVB these days with their poor casting choices. No. 1 wrong is to cast Chin Kar Lok as someone smart. That's it. Tracy Chu is ok but why jeapordise her career by casting her with people who really can't lead? You know some series are doomed before it begins. Help!!

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