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“Evolution? they said to themselves. Who needs it? What nature refused to do for them they simply did without until they were able to correct the gross anatomical inconveniences with surgery.”

- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


Series : Black Heart White Soul [TVB]
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Series : Eye In The Sky [TVB]
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Topic : Surprisingly "wow!" beautiful pictures of celebrities Where : Here
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Topic : World Up 2014 : Samba feverrrrrrrrr
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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.

About the titles
I love the English title which kinda explain it all. You might as well call this series "Ngo Boon Sin Leung" aka Deric Wan's classic which means "I was born good". The Chinese title is a great pun. "Chung Kan Yan" but not Middle Person, but rather the Chung is good person, Kan is bad person, Yan is person so you have a pun of a good/evil person which is in effect black/white person who is in the end a shade of grey. I think this will explain Roger's character and I can't see any more awesome title than this title. Awesome! But will the series live up to the awesomeness of the title?

No. of Episodes

Roger Kwok as Matt Ko Chit Hang
Ron Ng as Funny Cheung Lap Fun
Kristal Tin as May Tam Mei Ching
Kiki Sheung as Sin Wai Ying 
Waise Lee as To Yi Hang
Louis Cheung as Marco Ma Kai Yuen
Leanne Li as Scarlett Sze Ka Lei
Jason Chan Chi-san as Alvis Yung Chi Chung
Lisa Lau as To Cheuk Chi / Gillian
Vivien Yeo as Icy Yeung Man Bing
May Chan as Lau Miu
Matt Yeung as Lau Yim/ Ah Fo
Claire Yiu as Yip Ying Sum
Becky Lee as Denise Chiu Man Fai
Parkman Wong
Derek Wong as Benjamin Ko Chit Ming
Jennifer Shum
Koo Koon Chung
Joe Tay
Lau Kong
Gregory Lee
Momo Wu
Man Yeung Ching Wah
Unknown as Ng Sing Yee/Sap Chai
Unknown as Kwong King Cheung

Tam Mei Ching (Kristal Tin) who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Ko Zit Hang (Roger Kwok), a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future ahead but was crashed when rookie police Cheung Lap Guen (Ron Ng) accidentadly hurt him when he was on a mission, causing Ko to be wheelchair bounded for the rest of his life. At the same time, this creates an opportunity for the two to break the law. As Ko's hidden conspiracies is exposed, Cheung harbors him out of guilt. Eventually, will Tam be able to make the right choice between love and moral?

Relevant links

Wow, quite a cliffhanger. So Funny claims yet another victim, possibly his mother. Before that Gillian had a nasty fall trying to stop the fight between daddy and hubby. I actually thought she broke her neck but TVB cheated; said she's vegetative, in coma when I saw her neck cracked!!

I don't know what's wrong with Funny. Yip Sir is right; Funny is all out on a vendetta because he is butt hurt Matt lied and used him and yet Matt was right when he said the same things to Funny except more of a smirk and sneer rather than butt hurt. To Yee Hang hired people to gun them down because he wants to be in control when evidently he is out of control. So 1 gun battles which is very exciting and Godfather-ish; one was Funny and mom in a lift and mom looks like she died. Next is Matt and some police got shot and May who claims she no longer loves him risked her life to rescue him only to have Matt looking dazed and head slumped because of 2 bullets on his chest. Will he survive?!

I don't even know if I care because the men in this series is hard to like.  All of them is flawed and the only thing that separate them all is how ruthless or devious they are.

To Yee Hang is the worst of the lot, he takes everything personally. Funny is just butt hurt and doesn't know the gravity of his actions. Matt is devious and petty in his own way but Funny was wrong when he said Matt did a lot of bad thing to people because Matt in his petty ways actually helped Ming and even May turn a new leaf. Remember? Marco is foolish in love and did do terrible things for money. Sap Chai was a coward and went on the wrong path. Everyone's favourite person to quote to illustrate how Matt descend to Darth Vader road of badness is Ah Fo aka Lau Yim and yet has everyone forgotten how Lau Yim threw (yes threw) and unconscious and perhaps the most innocent of them all that is Sap Chai aka Ng Sing Yee DOWN A BUILDING?! Ah Fo to me has my vote as the pure villain. He takes nothing personally, he is just the way he is.

Even the women are stubborn as hell. May for good reasons, Miu Miu for annoying reasons and Gillian for all the wrong reasons. I never quite warm to Gillian though. I find her head filled with unicorns and rainbows, the sort that you need to protect and can't handle the truth.  But, you can't blame them though. The men made them go on a merry go round.

And so tonight will be episode 30, the last episode. What will happen? I don't know. Episode 29 does not indicate anything, so far thankfully no spoilers and so it is like Ruse Of Engagement all over again. I am not sure I want Matt to live or Funny to have a happy ending. Both are despicable. But maybe I want Matt to have a chance at being a new person because his character is the most realistic of the lot. He loves May, that's for sure but I am not sure he knows how to love. He wants her safety but yet he made sure he did everything that is calculated towards his own gain as well. For me this is one realistic character and I would have done what he did.

So let's see if episode 30 will end this series on a high note or OTT note or an ending worth discussing and remembering.

[FUNN STUFF] Pantene commercial SNL style

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The following has got to be one of the funniest skit in SNL for a long long time! I laughed so hard every time I watch it! Have a look!

[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : What I discover about Ruco Chan ...[PART 2]

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This is part 2 of my post listing my (sometimes very obvious) discovery about anything Ruco Chan. Part 1 was getting too long but is still an interesting read for new or old fans. That post is still very active in terms of comments. 

Not to be confused with Ruco Chan, in pictures and Ruco Chan, in his own words.

Part 2 of what I discover about Ruco Chan. Since 08.11.2013, I have been updating my other post about facts about Ruco, ok sometimes gossips too and until now, still so much to write about him. I must repeat the following from my first part; ever since finding myself liking him, I came across things about him that I find peculiar, interesting, fascinating, vulgar, cute or weird or all of those at the same time. So I decided to write about what I discover about Ruco Chan. I am gonna post even rumours, gossips, whatever, good or bad. If you know something interesting about him (rumoured or otherwise), do use Post A Comment and let me know. By the way, this is a post heavy with pictures and embedded videos so it will load slower than usual. To view original sized picture, click on any image and a pop up window will show the pictures in full size in slide mode.

Biography please read here.

What I discover about Ruco Chan ... [Part 1] (comments still active)
Ruco Chan, in pictures
Ruco Chan, in his own words

Answer to the question "I'm a Ruco Chan fan, is he on Weibo?"

Please take note if you are negative about him or has issues with fan gushing, don't go to the following links Don't spoil the parade.

Jaynestars (Eng) (see also In Depth Articles links, all in English)

Herehereherehere (must read!!), here ... errr.. basically all here.

Check out Reviews Database and this blog by searching using his name Ruco Chan for various reviews and comments about his performances (as an actor) and his public appearances (as a celebrity). Also check here (commentary on his fashion sense), here (on ASTRO AOD and his chances) and look at the labels for Ruco Chan, Chan Chin Pang, 陈展鹏 and/or 陳展鵬.

Last updated - 26.03.2014 (for any new updates, check out Part 2)
I read in MingPao weekly magazine's interview about his 7 dates in the past, but never mentioned whom they were. He said some were not from entertainment business. But in recent interviews, he did not mention about how many relationships he had again. Due to the many dating rumours I was googling for more information when I came across this very funny headline;

I had a good laugh, notwithstanding the contents of the article which is what everyone knows. So I thought it would be cool to keep tab of the rumoured other half and whether true or not. Feel free to share more names.

Eunis Yiu [Confirmed][Broken up]
Ankie Belkie [Rumoured][Denied] - I suspect a short fling
Linda Chung [Rumoured][Denied][Really denied - Around 18 min 45 sec]
Natalie Tong [Rumoured][Denied]
Some woman having lunch with mom & best friend [Rubbish][Wife of best friend]
Teresa Lou [Rumoured][Denied]
Ma Su [Rumoured][Denied]
- Selena Li [Rumoured][Denied]
- Aimee Chan [Never rumoured][No need to deny][My guess]

He is "Best Novice Driver in the Lotus Cup Asia 2014" held at Sepang International Circuit!! Malaysia, by the way. I think it is time Ruco buys a Malaysian home,  marry a Malaysian girl and be Malaysia's favourite son in law because he is here almost at least once every other month. Anyway a picture, first ...

He drove the following Lotus car (I thought F1 but actually a sportscar event);

The was how he looked like before getting into the car, looking every inch the race car driver, F1 style;

This was him in the car;

And this was him AFTER the event;

I swear he looks a decade older. The heat, the pressure, the sweating inside the microwave that is the car coupled with our Malaysian hot hot hot weather, everyone will look exhausted and a decade older and probably 10 pounds lighter. Yeah, he looks awful BUT happy. No worries, a quick shower and an Ice Batu Campur (Ice kacang) will make him 10 decades younger again.

As for the event itself, obviously a promo for.. I don't know nor do I really care. Best Novice Driver? What time did he clocked I wonder? Or is the award just for show? Whatever it was, I will say well done to Ruco for participating because rarely do I see any actor given this privilege. His fee must be enormous!

Or maybe not. Anyway some podium pictures with the girl taller than Ruco which illustrates Ruco looking really like an F1 driver.

That's Lynn Hung I believe? Aaron Kwok's ex? No? If yes, Wiki says she is about 5 feet 10 inches. Let's assume it is true. No heels too. Ruco looks 1 inch shorter, which makes him around 5 feet 9, plus or minus half an inch I suppose. Unless she is not as reported which makes him even shorter.

[O] Surprisingly "wow!" beautiful pictures of celebrities

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The following are various pictures of celebrities that I found on the internet that are rather beautiful. Yes, they may be heavily photoshopped or edited or airbrushed but somehow, they're just rather beautiful. More so for those you never expected to be beautiful, whether the angle, the smile, the pose, the aura or whatever it is that makes you go "Wow". Have you encountered any surprisingly beautiful picture of celebrities? Do share, post the links in Post A Comment. If I agree, I will certainly repost.

Lionel Andres Messi.A name fit for the world's best footballer, if ever. He looked like a kid 4 years back but in this World Cup in 2014, he found his inner hotness. Anyway I saw the following picture and I went, well he grew up, that's for sure.

Then I saw the following;

Flex it man! Flex it!!

Awwwwww... he may not be the most traditionally handsome man but you gotta admit, he looks good. Wow!

Wow! Wow!

But his best?

When he is with his son. Thiago, who looks exactly like his dad, probably taller in future but maybe not since mom is so short, dad is not much taller.

[O] WALLACE HUO JIANHUA [Actor][Part 3] : Why HD TV exists [Taiwan]

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The following consists of truths, lies, speculations, rumours, gossips, comments, reviews, opinions and analysis of everything Wallace Huo Jianhua. If you see this at the top of the post, it means it is updated. Click the Read More button below to see the entire post. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to.
Here is his profile

What is he in? 
Here is his filmography

You his fan? 
Sort of.

From whence? 
The Glamorous Imperial Concubine aka Qing Shi Huang Fei where I first saw him in HD TV and he was the sulky sullen unhappy angry miserable Liu Liancheng and I fell in love with him and was convinced HD is the way to go only if you're Wallace Huo. He was absolutely gorgeous (thank you to Ruby Lin for the beautiful angles and costumes!!) You can read my "love letter" to him in my review.

Got other posts about him? 
Yes, this is in fact part 3 of my comments. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here (Archive Blog).

More resources on him?
Chinese sites, can't help you. English ones, go to Jaynestars but be prepared to vomit blood since more concentrated on gossips and rumours. For more indepth stuff, go to his English fan forum, Forums.

Has it been almost a year since my last update for this post? Wow but then there was no reason to update this post, until the following.

The moment I saw the pictures in this article at Jaynestars, my heart skipped a beat until I saw the following:-

He is playing either an immortal or a deity or both or everything, I do not care. I saw this picture I just died and went to heaven and back and am only alive again because god says I will need to watch this series with Wallace in it so that I can relive every second why I fell for him in the first place; Liu Liancheng. The headgear remind me of that bastard whom I can't help but love. Put that fur thing on him and he is perfect. Absolute perfection. Other women can't be as beautiful as he is. TVB can't even cast anyone for this role and I don't even know what role it is. All I know is he is so god damn beautiful. I can spend the whole day looking at him.

And then I saw this;

We all know he can cry beautifully but god damn, he can even puke so beautifully. He looks so graceful even when puking blood. He belongs in an art gallery, behind protective glass wall to be observed, studied, admired. Your hands OFF HIM!!

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