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“Evolution? they said to themselves. Who needs it? What nature refused to do for them they simply did without until they were able to correct the gross anatomical inconveniences with surgery.”

- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


Series : Eye In The Sky [TVB]
Where : Here
Status : Filming so commentaries only.

Topic : Surprisingly "wow!" beautiful pictures of celebrities Where : Here
Status : Sporadically updated, only when actually "wow!".

Topic : All things Barcelona FC aka I am a Cule (to be)!
Where : Here
Status : Somewhat active.

Series : Line Walker [TVB]
Where : Here
Status : Somewhat active.


Series : All That Is Bitter Is Sweet [TVB]
Where : Here
Status : Starting 08.09.2014, nightly on weekdays.

[O] LINE WALKER/ 使徒行者[TVB][2014]

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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.



One cop sent out 5 cops as undercover at various section of society and one day he supposedly jumped to his death. Before he died he confided in his good friend, a fellow cop about the 5 undercover cops but before he could reveal their identities, he died. So now this friend of his has to find these 5 undercover cops to work with them to bring down the biggest triad in HK whilst protecting their identities and evading investigations and allegations that he is a corrupt cop by ICAC as well as threading the line with another sworn enemy, the O-kei.

Michael's character was supposed to have been played by Tony Leung (Ka Fai) but he injured himself. Pity.

Sammy Leung was supposed to play the character of Kobe, now occupied by Sammy Shum who was supposed to play the annoying O-Kei cop now occupied by Patrick Tang! But is Sammy Leung suitable for the role of Kobe if Kobe is as he is as played by Sammy Shum? I doubt it. I think the casting now is just right. Sammy Leung would have been a better fit as Raymond's character or Oscar's but Jazz Lam was born for Oscar's character. Talk about a huge miscast!

I suppose this series marks the return of Charmaine Sheh to TVB, but not permanently of course.

UC - Undercover Cop planted by the cops in the police force
Mole - spy by the triads (in this case) planted into the police force
Informer -  Not a UC nor a mole but under the payroll of the police to provide information for a fee
OTT - over the top acting (think Gigi Lai and Cecilia Yip in their worst moment)

Until Episode 16
The following is in response to comment no. 3 below in the comments section which I am reposting in here. I know whatever I am going to say will piss off many many fans since not many will agree on whatever I say about Line Walker (LW) or Ruse Of Engagement (ROE - my guilty pleasure) but here it is;

I don't think Benz is the 5th UC. He can't be unless he became one decades ago and that would be before (is it) Hong Sir's time which is plain ridiculous. Moreover whilst I like the whole UC gone rogue storyline, to make Benz into one is overpopulating this series with too many UCs in one organisation that in the end one wonders is there NOT a UC in the whole darn place. But then this series can try to outsmart itself but that would mean the death of the series for me. It is already threading the line between good and stupid. I get why it is popular since it is action packed. But I feel ROE has a more intimate storyline and better in capturing the difficulties and the complexities of a UC or mole even if many may not like the actress or the ending. Sharon is a character I find absolutely pointless. At least Patrick has something to do. Elena is doing fine but to make her a prosecutor is like trying to tie up the loose end into this perfect little knot. I'd rather she is this simple housewife that Michael falls for. That itself makes things complicated, it does not need the fact that she is a prosecutor to be more complicated. This series is outsmarting and outpacing its own premise. The more I see it, the more I feel something is way off with it. The flaws to me aren't minor; it eats into the story and it is just one revelation after the other. The structure is same as ROE except I feel at least ROE takes its time to map out the characters because it has less people and yet still as shocking and violent. LW is twice the cast but so much lesser in impact. After the 5th UC is exposed, and then what? What more can it say?

There! I said it!

Ikea's Bookbook

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Introducing the revolutionary new technology by furniture giant, Ikea called the Bookbook which trumps Apple Ipad. See the video below why...

The best ad of 2014 for its simplicity and wit. Gets the point across!!

[Updates] New review & Upcoming Episodic Thoughts

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Review on the series Rear Mirror by yours truly. A short one.

Also I will be doing (and hopefully finishing) episodic thoughts for All That Is Bitter Is Sweet (what a mouthful! but the original title is even more mouthful!) starting tonight. As usual do check the blog next day for the episode the night before. Spoilers alert.

I am considering whether to repost at Jaynestars. You know there, hate to get bashed but that's where the readers are. Let me think about it.

[UPDATES] Just added recap of episode 1. Check back daily as no further updates will be posted here. By the way, full recap means full summary as there might be a possibility I may miss a few episodes, give half summary or abandon this half way. Depends on time and how good/bad this series is. Do participate in the discussion but do avoid future spoilers.

[UPDATES 2] I am reposting the recaps at Jaynestars as well. There will be more feedback there and you can join the discussions there.

[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : Ruco Chan, in pictures

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The truth is I have yet to find a picture of Ruco Chan that makes me go WOW. All the photoshoots, etc did not bring out the best in him as opposed to ordinary fan taken picture. So this is the purpose of this post. I have always wanted to post his pictures, good or bad and made some comments about them but since what I am discovering about Ruco Chan is getting a bit too long, and pictures will make it even longer, I've decided for a separate post about Ruco Chan, in pictures. If you know of any of his good, bad, silly or OMG pictures, whether fashion or activities, please do use Post A Comment. Until now I have yet to find a wallpaper that truly wows me which is why I am using that picture on the left that caught my eye when I was googling some forum. That picture truly is one of those few that I went, wow. Everything is just right ... until I found the same picture with the bottom half. As you shall discover in this post, sometimes he doesn't get everything right. This post is ultimately about his public persona via his fashion choices and interesting magazine pictures. In other words, a lot of eye candy.


Check out Reviews Database, type his name Ruco Chan in the search box and voila, reviews of his series I have seen.
The pictures may be small but click on your desired one and the original size will pop up like a slides of pictures. Awesome feature of Blogger. So don't miss out on the HD details. Remember, any recommended pictures do post the links or where to find them using Post A Comment.

Let's begin!

Now this is more like it!! Love the jacket, love the shirt, love the simplicity of it all except can do with a better pair of sneakers but this is great!!

Even Ruco himself approves!! See!

Cute hor? Handsome hor? Whilst this picture may have been brightened a bit, it shows, maybe it is time Ruco flirt with BOLD colours! Come on Ruco! Ditch the ugly prints or sequins and what nots and just embrace bold bright colours!

[RIP] Joan RIvers

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Joan Rivers is dead. She was 81. I know 81 is old but her death was very very sudden. You can read about it here. Quite shocking really.

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