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“Evolution? they said to themselves. Who needs it? What nature refused to do for them they simply did without until they were able to correct the gross anatomical inconveniences with surgery.”

- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


Series : Eye In The Sky [TVB]
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Topic : Surprisingly "wow!" beautiful pictures of celebrities Where : Here
Status : Sporadically updated, only when actually "wow!".

Topic : All things Barcelona FC aka I am a Cule (to be)!
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None at this moment

[O] LINE WALKER/ 使徒行者[TVB][2014]

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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.




Poster? Not so. Wayyyy to many guns pointing at one another, overkill. Casting? Not perfect and some were not known to me. Performances? Some cringe worthy but most were good. But the pacing and storyline? Apart from the LOL moments in super serious first 5 minutes, and some nitty gritty details that were convenient to the plot, Sharon Chan as a cop (again! and in an insanely stupid plot designed just to create some tension for Michael Miu's character, like some doubts which really spoiled the pacing and storyline), the rest zoomed by at such amazing speed and so far...

My new crush of the day; Sammy Shum looking so beautiful at close ups. See? No pores. See? Perfect flawless skin. Maybe some eyeliner, I don't know but he is a beautiful man in here.

Anyway. what's the story?

Well... imagine one building with the highest population of undercover cops (UC) and that building is not a police station. One murdered cop, his friend now has to look for 5 UCs that this dead cop planted in various places which seems to converged into 1 single triad gang (really... kinda too many employees supposedly doing different jobs but ended up all doing different things at the same place and in the end same goal). Why he has to look for them? Because someone was hacking into dead cop's PC and dead cop deleted all the info.

So now the race is to find 5 UCs who know that their handler is dead but is not sure who is taking over and probably is anxious to be contacted because if not they would be stuck in the same position forever and ever and can't be reinstated as a cop!! And the mole who tried to hack in and caused our dead cop's death.

1. Charmaine - confirmed
But will she be in any danger? She is after all a foot massage businesswoman.. even if her cover is forever not blown, she will do fine. Anyway gutsy woman, very smart, very money minded which is strange she should be UC when she could de-UC and betray the police for money. Ahhh she has a conscience and she is a good person who wants more money but not the illegal way.

2. Sammy Shum - suspected and then confirmed
Now this storyline is just silly. If I am so damn smart and I know how to predict stock market, well read, etc why on earth do I ever wanna be a cop and be UC and go to jail? Why? Why don't I just quit and  become a stockbroker? It makes zero sense. I would have wished he was not an UC but works for the main bad guy and be the bad guy. But it seems the trend of this series is ugly people plus older people plus men are all bad guys. Young people plus attractive people plus mixed gender are all cops.

3. Raymond - suspected
Yeap I suspect he is one.

4. Oscar - not suspected and I doubt he is unless twist of all twists. 

5. Unidentified

Could be more since I suspect and confirm 3 so the last 2 will be a massive huge guess.

1. Michael - suspected by ICAC (aka Sharon) but ha ha ha ha ha. Like seriously? Because why don't Sharon look at Patrick and Chan Kong who both could call in the 2 feuding triad members and told them to play by the rules? That looks like fixing to me!
2. Patrick - maybe not. Usually the most annoying ones aren't one.
3. Toby Leung - looks like a traitor. I hope she is and discovered in another 2 more episodes so I don't have to see her face.
4. Lau Kong - doubt it. He is the big gun of the police force.

Could be more since more characters may be introduced.

Benz Hui as the villain is sorta scary. He dresses like a priest, in one scene I do think he was shown as one in an eerie sense. So far quite benign but I suppose he will unleash hell soon.

And I need your help. 

1. Who is the actor playing Raymond's boss? Who looks more like a rapper than triad boss of a triad gang that the police planted FIVE UCs in and it means it is big time?

2. What is the name of the dead cop (the original handler)? Shouldn't have died in episode 1, wayyyy too soon and now wayyyyy too many flashbacks on him. I would have preferred 3 more episodes on this guy so that our emotions will be tied to his fate. Right now I hardly know him.

Charmaine at times is very funny (the massage scene where she was trying to steal a locker key) and is convincing as a street smart tough cop despite her voice. Her acting has improved a lot since leaving TVB. However still inconsistent, sometimes she seems to be unsure or rather waiting for the actors to return their lines so she can move to page 2 of the script. She is not a naturally gifted actress, her success now is hard won and I admire her tenacity but sorry to say, she is replacable in this role. That being said, I enjoyed watching her.

Raymond needs a hair cut, pronto. So far he is doing great, less the chok thing for once and he finally knows how to act again. But to the observant, may I say the return of the bulge.

Sammy Shum is not the greatest actor but this man has a great future ahead. He looks great, he fits any part and man ... he is so darn stylish! I hope his acting skills will one day match his chameleonlike looks. If he can, he is perfect.

Michael Miu is finally acting. I mean he is a decent actor at best but in here, he is good. And this man is scary! In his 50s right? Right?? He looks great. His character is 42, Ray's is 30. Whilst it is LOL for me, Michael looks great for his age but his character should be older.

Sharon Chan too little time for me to comment but sigh... a mention on her long legs. Please surprise me; butt shot soon?

Oscar Leung is however the worst. He seems like acting, and he seems like he is copying from Jazz Lam. In fact Jazz Lam should be in this role. Oscar was a pain to watch with his OTT moments. Jazz, TVB memos you to quickly takeover this role. What? What did you say? It is already finished filming? DAMN YOU CASTING DIRECTORS!!

Benz Hui however has been promoted to 1st class villain. Yeah! He was good... creepy.. scary... eerie... looks like he will kill someone soon and bloodily I hope. I want him to be the super duper villain who kills kills kills with ferocity. He must be a man who never forgets a deed against him!

The rest.... even unknown ones to me were rather ok. I wish I know the actor playing the dead handler. I really do like him.

So far the only 3 faults I can think of the 1st 5 episodes;

1. 1st 5 minutes were funny. I am supposed to be feel urgency but how to feel urgency with all those people with knives and all just circling the car with Ray and Charmaine trapped in it? They weren't doing anything.

2. The timeline should be longer. It says about 9 months to the first scene we shall see and I find it too short to establish characters. Should be years. 

3. The pack of ice Ray carried isn't a pack of ice. It should be real pack of ice.

4. Sammy Shum's character a genius in business and shares and yet he is an UC. Huh?

5. Why did Benz go to the police about his missing son and then ended up in police lockup? Some scenes just jump to the next plot without fully establishing the previous one. Makes no sense and all for drama. I think this series can be tighter, more intimate instead of involving so many people. 

The rest were great. I highly recommend this, at least the first 5 episodes. Very very enjoyable.

[O] All things Barcelona FC aka I am a Cule (to be)!

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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this subject matter under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which post date you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. 

I am following Barcelona FC in the La Liga thingy because of one man that is Lionel Andres Messi aka Messi aka Leo aka da man. Been reading some news about him and I really hope perhaps Messi might feel brave enough to tell Barca FC to loan him out to every league in the world for 6 months or 1 campaign just to prove he can score anywhere and everywhere for the sake of statistics and shutting everyone who said "blahhh he only plays in la liga, hasn't proven himself". And to those who thinks CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo or the peacock as I call him) is the best, well, he is flamboyant, confident and entertaining to watch but him punching people, etc gets tiring after a while. I like Messi. He is the work horse, the best there is, even his hairstyle says so. Most of the players in Barca seems to be of the same vein. Anyway are you following La Liga? Do post your thoughts using Post A Comment. 



Unless you know zero about football/soccer, here is his Wikipedia with his bio where he was a kid with Hormone Deficiency Syndrome and a whole lotta drama for such an unassuming man with such a great talent, a recommended book in English which I thought is well written (Messi by Guillem Balague) and check out the links above to see the man who is seriously getting hotter looking each day. Frankly and seriously I am a little too late on the bandwagon. Messi has already reached his greatest height at about I suppose 24? Well good for us all now, he is reaching the sequel of his height like a 2.0 and he is only 27. Yes, no World Cup but that doesn't define him. I will post a nice picture of him when I find one.

Messi by Guillem Balague (buy at any local bookstore in Malaysia, such as Borders, etc)
> Most favourite video of Messi in play (seriously very well edited- PENDING)
> Lionel Messi Official InstagramFacebook
All things Messi by Cules at Twitter
Team Messi twitter (by Adidas)

The timing can't be any worse but if you have the stamina and TV (ASTRO) doesn't have it (I really am not sure, need to check), you can watch a good quality live streaming with English commentary HERE. Go to the page about 10 minutes before start of the game and then choose any of the available channel, search for the English one and just sit back and watch the ads, commentaries, etc before the game starts. Timing is like this; if 7pm GMT it is about 3am Malaysian time. Yeah, great huh?

This is a parody show in Barcelona and this is just too funny not to repost. There's English subtitles so do remember to switch it on if you can't see it.

[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : What I discover about Ruco Chan ...[PART 2]

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This is part 2 of my post listing my (sometimes very obvious) discovery about anything Ruco Chan. Part 1 was getting too long but is still an interesting read for new or old fans. That post is still very active in terms of comments. 

Not to be confused with Ruco Chan, in pictures and Ruco Chan, in his own words.

Part 2 of what I discover about Ruco Chan. Since 08.11.2013, I have been updating my other post about facts about Ruco, ok sometimes gossips too and until now, still so much to write about him. I must repeat the following from my first part; ever since finding myself liking him, I came across things about him that I find peculiar, interesting, fascinating, vulgar, cute or weird or all of those at the same time. So I decided to write about what I discover about Ruco Chan. I am gonna post even rumours, gossips, whatever, good or bad. If you know something interesting about him (rumoured or otherwise), do use Post A Comment and let me know. By the way, this is a post heavy with pictures and embedded videos so it will load slower than usual. To view original sized picture, click on any image and a pop up window will show the pictures in full size in slide mode.

Biography please read here.

What I discover about Ruco Chan ... [Part 1] (comments still active)
Ruco Chan, in pictures
Ruco Chan, in his own words

Answer to the question "I'm a Ruco Chan fan, is he on Weibo?"

Please take note if you are negative about him or has issues with fan gushing, don't go to the following links Don't spoil the parade.

Jaynestars (Eng) (see also In Depth Articles links, all in English)

Herehereherehere (must read!!), here ... errr.. basically all here.

Check out Reviews Database and this blog by searching using his name Ruco Chan for various reviews and comments about his performances (as an actor) and his public appearances (as a celebrity). Also check here (commentary on his fashion sense), here (on ASTRO AOD and his chances) and look at the labels for Ruco Chan, Chan Chin Pang, 陈展鹏 and/or 陳展鵬.

Last updated - 26.03.2014 (for any new updates, check out Part 2)
I read in MingPao weekly magazine's interview about his 7 dates in the past, but never mentioned whom they were. He said some were not from entertainment business. But in recent interviews, he did not mention about how many relationships he had again. Due to the many dating rumours I was googling for more information when I came across this very funny headline;

I had a good laugh, notwithstanding the contents of the article which is what everyone knows. So I thought it would be cool to keep tab of the rumoured other half and whether true or not. Feel free to share more names.

Eunis Yiu [Confirmed][Broken up]
Ankie Belkie [Rumoured][Denied] - I suspect a short fling
Linda Chung [Rumoured][Denied][Really denied - Around 18 min 45 sec]
Natalie Tong [Rumoured][Denied]
Some woman having lunch with mom & best friend [Rubbish][Wife of best friend]
Teresa Lou [Rumoured][Denied]
Ma Su [Rumoured][Denied]
- Selena Li [Rumoured][Denied]
- Aimee Chan [Never rumoured][No need to deny][My guess]

He accepted and did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!! Finally, after billionaires, sportsmen, Hollywood, writers and what nots, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge reaches the Chinese artiste and Ruco Chan! I wonder did he donate? Anyway he did it in style I believe on 24.08.2014 (boy am I late!!) and fully clothed whilst I was hoping he would do a Cristiano Ronaldo (who did it in his underpants, only);

See the ice? See him taking it like a man? But he broke the rule! He was supposed to name 3 people? He should have named Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho and Raymond Lam!! Or Linda Chung, Ankie Belkie and any of his rumoured girlfriends! No fun! Encore! Encore! This time do it right! Bigger bucket, only in underwear and nominate 3 names!

Or do it like Benedict Cumberbatch! He did it each time his name was nominated.

Anyway all in the name of charity.

Some screencaptures.

He changed manager!! I got the info here in this forum and I repost;

Ruco has updated his weibo with the contact number of his new manager. His new manager is Candy Wan. The other artists that she is responsible for are Kate Tsui, Kristal Tin, Lin Xia Wei, Rebecca Zhu, Chan Bui Yee and Sammy Shum. For those who are like me who have looked forward to a collaboration between Ruco and Kate I think the chance is bigger now when they have the same manager.
I hope not, the one about collaboration with Kate Tsui. Then it is proven; he is forever stuck with the worst sort of actresses save for once or twice.


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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.

About the titles
I love the English title which kinda explain it all. You might as well call this series "Ngo Boon Sin Leung" aka Deric Wan's classic which means "I was born good". The Chinese title is a great pun. "Chung Kan Yan" but not Middle Person, but rather the Chung is good person, Kan is bad person, Yan is person so you have a pun of a good/evil person which is in effect black/white person who is in the end a shade of grey. I think this will explain Roger's character and I can't see any more awesome title than this title. Awesome! But will the series live up to the awesomeness of the title?

No. of Episodes

Roger Kwok as Matt Ko Chit Hang
Ron Ng as Funny Cheung Lap Fun
Kristal Tin as May Tam Mei Ching
Kiki Sheung as Sin Wai Ying 
Waise Lee as To Yi Hang
Louis Cheung as Marco Ma Kai Yuen
Leanne Li as Scarlett Sze Ka Lei
Jason Chan Chi-san as Alvis Yung Chi Chung
Lisa Lau as To Cheuk Chi / Gillian
Vivien Yeo as Icy Yeung Man Bing
May Chan as Lau Miu
Matt Yeung as Lau Yim/ Ah Fo
Claire Yiu as Yip Ying Sum
Becky Lee as Denise Chiu Man Fai
Parkman Wong
Derek Wong as Benjamin Ko Chit Ming
Jennifer Shum
Koo Koon Chung
Joe Tay
Lau Kong
Gregory Lee
Momo Wu
Man Yeung Ching Wah
Unknown as Ng Sing Yee/Sap Chai
Unknown as Kwong King Cheung

Tam Mei Ching (Kristal Tin) who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Ko Zit Hang (Roger Kwok), a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future ahead but was crashed when rookie police Cheung Lap Guen (Ron Ng) accidentadly hurt him when he was on a mission, causing Ko to be wheelchair bounded for the rest of his life. At the same time, this creates an opportunity for the two to break the law. As Ko's hidden conspiracies is exposed, Cheung harbors him out of guilt. Eventually, will Tam be able to make the right choice between love and moral?

Relevant links

Wow, what an ending. I love the fact that the men NEVER change but I am just surprised why Funny declared Matt to be worse than To Yee Hang. Maybe because Matt was more pretentious and tries to justify every action by pretentiousness? To Yee Hang is the worst!

Anyway I will write a  review but here is just to recap the ending and who died.

Senior Inspector Sinn died from the gunshot wound.
Scarlett died being executed one shot to the head by her husband.
To Yee hang died, quite dramatically and amazingly memorably being knocked by a car and then crushed between the said car AND a lorry. Best death for me.

Matt because of his kidneys. At best he has a few years.

Marco, forever crazy
Gillian, forever in coma (persistent vegetative state)

May but she will live forever under the guilt for having betrayed a later (pretend to) reformed Matt and will probably spend the next few years until his death tied to him. Matt calculated all these when he made his full confession to Funny.

Funny, unjustly so. And joke is? To Yee Hang died without a Will. His wife died, His only daughter will probably never wake up or will die. So To Yee Hang's fortune passes to daughter who then will pass to... guess it!! FUNNY!! I wish he died. Funny was so darn annoying.

At the end no one changed. Everybody was who they were especially Matt. He is to me not the truest form of a villain, that's To Yee Hang but he remains the petty calculative man who would sacrifice his own self for the sake of a gain for himself. He says he loves May, he probably does but in a twisted sort of way, he is in the end a selfish calculative emotionally abusive lover. Everyone is miserable with baggage but Matt? He is the happiest even if he is in jail because in the end he got what he wanted.

By the way, Roger's final moments, especially when he found out May betrayed him was exquisite acting.

More in my review.

[FUNN STUFF] Pantene commercial SNL style

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The following has got to be one of the funniest skit in SNL for a long long time! I laughed so hard every time I watch it! Have a look!

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