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“Evolution? they said to themselves. Who needs it? What nature refused to do for them they simply did without until they were able to correct the gross anatomical inconveniences with surgery.”

- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy


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[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : What I discover about Ruco Chan ...[PART 2]

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This is part 2 of my post listing my (sometimes very obvious) discovery about anything Ruco Chan. Part 1 was getting too long but is still an interesting read for new or old fans. That post is still very active in terms of comments. 

Not to be confused with Ruco Chan, in pictures and Ruco Chan, in his own words.

Part 2 of what I discover about Ruco Chan. Since 08.11.2013, I have been updating my other post about facts about Ruco, ok sometimes gossips too and until now, still so much to write about him. I must repeat the following from my first part; ever since finding myself liking him, I came across things about him that I find peculiar, interesting, fascinating, vulgar, cute or weird or all of those at the same time. So I decided to write about what I discover about Ruco Chan. I am gonna post even rumours, gossips, whatever, good or bad. If you know something interesting about him (rumoured or otherwise), do use Post A Comment and let me know. By the way, this is a post heavy with pictures and embedded videos so it will load slower than usual. To view original sized picture, click on any image and a pop up window will show the pictures in full size in slide mode.

Biography please read here.

What I discover about Ruco Chan ... [Part 1] (comments still active)
Ruco Chan, in pictures
Ruco Chan, in his own words

Answer to the question "I'm a Ruco Chan fan, is he on Weibo?"

Please take note if you are negative about him or has issues with fan gushing, don't go to the following links Don't spoil the parade.

Jaynestars (Eng) (see also In Depth Articles links, all in English)

Herehereherehere (must read!!), here ... errr.. basically all here.

Check out Reviews Database and this blog by searching using his name Ruco Chan for various reviews and comments about his performances (as an actor) and his public appearances (as a celebrity). Also check here (commentary on his fashion sense), here (on ASTRO AOD and his chances) and look at the labels for Ruco Chan, Chan Chin Pang, 陈展鹏 and/or 陳展鵬.

Last updated - 26.03.2014 (for any new updates, check out Part 2)
I read in MingPao weekly magazine's interview about his 7 dates in the past, but never mentioned whom they were. He said some were not from entertainment business. But in recent interviews, he did not mention about how many relationships he had again. Due to the many dating rumours I was googling for more information when I came across this very funny headline;

I had a good laugh, notwithstanding the contents of the article which is what everyone knows. So I thought it would be cool to keep tab of the rumoured other half and whether true or not. Feel free to share more names.

Eunis Yiu [Confirmed][Broken up]
Ankie Belkie [Rumoured][Denied] - I suspect a short fling
Linda Chung [Rumoured][Denied][Really denied - Around 18 min 45 sec]
Natalie Tong [Rumoured][Denied]
Some woman having lunch with mom & best friend [Rubbish][Wife of best friend]
Teresa Lou [Rumoured][Denied]
Ma Su [Rumoured][Denied]
- Selena Li [Rumoured][Denied]
- Aimee Chan [Never rumoured][No need to deny][My guess]

He solved his own scandal!! Ruco is officially Detective Ruco! Re 27.06.2014 post below and the whole so called nude woman in a picture with him by Next Magazine, etc etc etc. Told ya it was moobs belonging to a man! Don't believe? Ruco himself solved his own mystery! By the way the man purportedly to be him wasn't even him!! He was on a friend's boat by the way. See! See! Funn is ALWAYS right! Told ya!

[O] Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain / 寒山潛龍 [TVB][2014]

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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.


The Tin Kei Agency of the Northern Song, an investigation agency specializing in solving strange cases in the kingdom, is headed by the wise Fung Nam Tin (Lau Kong), who leads a group of extremely well-trained constables. His favorite apprentice, Chu Cheung Sing (Kenneth Ma), is wisdom and courage embodied in one, but Nam Tin and Cheung Sing end their partnership when they fail to come to a consensus on how to solve a particular case. Cheung Sing ends up leaving the agency to live a simple and peaceful life with his wife, To Fa (Selena Li).

Ten years later, the aging Nam Tin orders three of his most-skilled apprentices – Ma Chuen Kung (Power Chan), Ngau Tai Lik (Ngo Ka Nin), and Yeung Mau (Lin Xiawei) – to reach out to Cheung Sing and convince him to return. Cheung Sing agrees to work with the agency again, but his personality often clashes with his three partners, causing the four to frequently fight. Meanwhile, Cheung Sing is separated from his wife, but his feelings become conflicted when he ends up meeting a prostitute who looks exactly like her.

Cheung Sing learns that the opposing Jurchen kingdom has placed a mole within the Tin Kei Agency and his good friend, Hung Sap Kau (Raymond Cho) is exploited by the enemy. Cheung Sing does not know whom to trust. The line between friend and foe continues to be blurry. [Jaynestars]



Subject to additions and amendments. If you can complete this list, please do use Post A Comment
Kenneth Ma - Chu Cheung Sing
Pierre Ngo - Ngau Tai Lik
Power Chan - Ma Chuen Kung
Selena Li -
To Fa / Courtesan
Lin Xia Wei - Yeung Mau
Raymond Cho - Hung Sap Kau
Lau Kong -
Fung Nam Tin 
Ram Tseung
Law Lok Lam
Cheung Kwok Keung
Mary Hon
Candy Chang
Eric Li
Kelvin Leung
Hoffman Cheng


It has been 20 days since my last update on this post. I don't have much to say except there was something Chuen Kung said to the emperor that struck a chord with me in these troubled times of mine. I am at a crossroad at this moment, none is looking good which explains my lack of updates. And I worry a lot but Chuen Kung said something that I feel is really one of the best lines I have ever heard on TV and funny that something so wonderful can come from TVB. It goes something like this and I hope I got it at least 90% accurate;

The emperor did not know how to go about ruling his empire as he felt himself stupid, inept and ashamed to look into his friend's eyes. He rue that he is worried and Chuen Kung smiled his gentle smile and said kindly;

"Your majesty, a person should only be concerned with 3 stages in life; past, present and future. Since whatever happened has happened, why worry about the past? Since whatever is going to happen you can't know, why worry about the present? Since whatever is going to happen has yet to happen, why worry about the future?"

Something like that. It felt... right for me and it offered me a little comfort. I am sure Chuen Kung's words will apply anyone. Point is, whatever has happened, is happening and will happen is really something inevitable, why worry too much?

Indeed... indeed. 


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This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click the Read More button. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. When this is done, I will move this to Reviews Database.

About the titles
I love the English title which kinda explain it all. You might as well call this series "Ngo Boon Sin Leung" aka Deric Wan's classic which means "I was born good". The Chinese title is a great pun. "Chung Kan Yan" but not Middle Person, but rather the Chung is good person, Kan is bad person, Yan is person so you have a pun of a good/evil person which is in effect black/white person who is in the end a shade of grey. I think this will explain Roger's character and I can't see any more awesome title than this title. Awesome! But will the series live up to the awesomeness of the title?

No. of Episodes

Roger Kwok as Matt Ko Chit Hang
Ron Ng as Funny Cheung Lap Fun
Kristal Tin as May Tam Mei Ching
Kiki Sheung as Sin Wai Ying 
Waise Lee as To Yi Hang
Louis Cheung as Ma Kai Yuen
Leanne Li as Sze Ka Lei
Jason Chan Chi-san as Alvis Yung Chi Chung
Lisa Lau as To Cheuk Chi
Vivien Yeo as Icy Yeung Man Bing
May Chan as Lau Miu
Matt Yeung as Lau Yim
Claire Yiu as Yip Ying Sum
Becky Lee as Chiu Man Fai
Parkman Wong
Derek Wong as Benjamin Ko Zit Ming
Jennifer Shum
Koo Koon Chung
Joe Tay
Lau Kong
Gregory Lee
Momo Wu as
Man Yeung Ching Wah

Tam Mei Ching (Kristal Tin) who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Ko Zit Hang (Roger Kwok), a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future ahead but was crashed when rookie police Cheung Lap Guen (Ron Ng) accidentadly hurt him when he was on a mission, causing Ko to be wheelchair bounded for the rest of his life. At the same time, this creates an opportunity for the two to break the law. As Ko's hidden conspiracies is exposed, Cheung harbors him out of guilt. Eventually, will Tam be able to make the right choice between love and moral?

Relevant links


Wow! A shocking revelation, took me totally by surprise! Brilliant and it explains everything!

Coming soon.

Absolutely brilliant ending scene in episode 8. The last few scenes were May falling and confessing her love for Matt and they kissed, sweetly and then last scene was Denise walking in to see Matt, and said cryptically "You did very well the last time with Tam Mei Ching. Same terms? Here, cash in USD" and then Matt's looks changed. I always knew he was evil inside because several times he looked he was near bursting. So that made me question was he truly friendly with Funny? I don't doubt he liked May but.. ahh brilliant! Confused? Episode 9 may explain more but here is my take on the events. Let's start from the very beginning.

Fo romances May. Perhaps true romance, perhaps he knew she was working with the fiance/wife of the loved MP. That MP was the one who opposed many projects, some related to Louise' Ma who also works for super rich To. Ma believes in using any method to get what he wants. Ruthless, cunning and calculative, someone Matt has been trying to get close to. Denise so happens to be Ma's assistant/henchman.  Anyway shop got robbed which was strange. Is Fo so desperate? Isn't he a drug dealer or something? Why get a few bags? And he chose the day May supposedly was on leave but she wasn't. So I believe Fo never intended to get May into trouble in that way. He dragged May and the other dragged the MP to the backlane. Same time Funny arrived and so was his "brother" who was there to get back his lost gun from his best friend, the veteran cop. But why was the veteran cop there? Ahhhh it was all a setup. He so called accidentally shot the robber AND the MP and then fired a third shot. The "brother" finally figured he was used in episode 8, for once smartened up. MP died supposedly in cross fire but no one knew veteran was there since "brother" admitted to shooting eventhough he did not fired the gun, it was HIS gun. Fo disappeared. May was arrested and I do believe Matt at first genuinely wanted to help her. Mid way we see Denise meeting Matt like so friendly and we never see the significance of it. May's defence was going great until Matt received an evidence, the one where she touched the stolen goods and he lost the case based on that. Later we found out Fo had his picture taken next to Ma and suddenly it became clear. Final scene confirmed it. Denise went to see Matt to set up a deal; get May to be convicted, close the case for a sum of money which he obviously agreed. He knew May touched the stolen goods but did not reveal that, pretended to be shocked and all eventhough he probably knew the prosecution will get hold on that point anyway. From thereon he stopped defending her rigorously eventhough I did pointed out that evidence can be fought. He was so good at the camoflauge that he even managed to convince May it was 100% her own fault. Maybe it was guilt that made him hire her, maybe he did fell for her but obviously he was the one who set her up for prison. He did not set her up in the robbery, that was Fo. He did not set her up for what happened after, in a way it was her own fault. But he did not vigorously defend her and kept evidence and was paid to slack off.

Poor May. Always getting on with men who just set her up for something or the other. 

Matt is really scary and this is why I love this series, this far. How far will he go to lose his soul? Will May lead him back? Will she forgive him or will she avenge her injustice? What will Funny do?

Questions! Questions! Questions! No answer, yet.

Anyway Roger has stopped moving his legs. Yeah. But I disagree on the scene where he thinks he can't perform sexually. Seriously, that part isn't governed by his spine. The muscle is there. I suppose he hasn't tried, so he thought he can't do it. If Stephen Hawking can, why can't he?

On Kristal, I do feel she is a miscast in terms of age and look. I got the impression May is someone not that old, someone impressionable who acts tough and someone very pretty. Kristal hit 1 out of 3 only. Not to say she was terrible, on the contrary she was good but I feel she is too old and not pretty enough. Roger technically is also too old for his role but he looks youthful. Kristal looks too mature for her own age which is .... 36 and she looks far older than 36. That's the unfairness between male and female actresses. If her character is same age as her, then I will say her character is stupid and naive. But I think her character must be younger. Sorry to say, as good as Kristal is, she is not on point. And she confuses me because her looks is the same as in No Good Either Way, I thought she just walked from that show to this show, except older. Very confused. That being said, hey! Ruco can take on the role of Matt too!

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

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I think Malaysia is becoming rather good at how to handle the aftermath of a plane crash. This is just sick. Everyone agrees the plane was shot down by missiles or a missile, the route used is considered safe. This is just sick.

Dear lord, not another one! This just came in! Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 just crashed somewhere in Ukraine. It is believed an enemy or some military missile brought it down. What is for sure is 295 people are dead. Everything else is speculative. This flight was from Amsterdam to KL. This is not anyone's year. This is not MH370 but it is just as tragic. What on earth is going on? I don't know anything. 

You can check this page out for constant updates.

[O] World Up 2014 : Samba feverrrrrrrrr

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the 20th edition of the FIFA World Cup, an international men's football tournament that is taking place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. It is the second time that Brazil has hosted the competition, the previous being in 1950. Brazil was elected unchallenged as host nation in 2007 after the international football federation, FIFA, decreed that the tournament would be staged in South America for the first time since 1978 in Argentina, and the fifth time overall [Source

> What is World Cup

> Who is playing 

> What is football or as some weird countries know it as soccer

> What is offside rule 
Frankly speaking can't understand at all! But someone explained that off side rule is the opponent team can't move before the last defender of the other team. True? Can explain?
> My most favourite player, Diego "Hand of God" Maradona 
Still hurts but I come to recognise the beauty of the German team. They work as a team. No one was a particular standout as in superstar or super brilliant player but all were mostly on equal footing and any sub can come in and takeover. That's the beauty of the German football powerhouse.

However I do not dispute the Golden Ball award decision for the reasons some fans and sports journalists have written eventhough Maradona and many others have criticised the decision. Let it be known Messi himself said he didn't want it, it was thrust into him rather than him campaigning for it. Whilst the other nominees were more or less good, I suppose let's examine what Golden Ball means. It doesn't mean most goal, it doesn't mean winning the cup but rather the most impact, most influential. Let's not take away some great moments thanks to James Rodriguez who I believe will be the next Cristiano Ronaldo (they even look alike and will be as flashy if his World Cup celebration is of any indication) or Arjen Robben who worked his heart out (including diving and such for his team), however they were not the most influential in their team or tournament. Every team who played Argentina adjusted their system to contain Messi and some more or less successfully. How can they not when they have usually 2 or 3 permanently marking him? Most obvious was Iran who had basically 10 people marking him? That being said I concur he did badly in 2 points;

1. he was much muted in the last 2 games, those that really needed him and due to medical advise as I read, he did not run much (or as much as he wanted to or should)

3. he is a terrible captain. His name inspires but not his leadership which is non existent.

Apart from these two points, I don't get the vitriol against him for his win of the Golden Boot. The other candidates were hard working, effective, good but none had his influence. For good, he carried him team to final. And I don't mean just by scoring goals. He forced the other teams to adjust to him, to be wary of him. If he had a better team (defence not included but defending alone does not win game as highlighted in the final game) things will be very different. They fought Holland very hard and was exhausted. Come the final, when expected none delivered, sadly. He himself acknowledged the fact they had 3 chances, his amongst the 3. One was mere inches; one was an impossible free kick anyway. He was statistically the best. The problem with Messi is statistics alone is not enough. People wanna see him in action, not numbers and percentages and that is why the controversy. I am sorry to say I disagree with the naysayers. Was he the absolute best in this tournament? Against himself if he were 100% fit, a resounding no. Many fans acknowledged that. Was he the absolute best in the list? Debatable. But his winning doesn't translate to him not deserving it. He did. Without him, Argentina is toast. Statistics speak for themselves, whether you like it or not. There was no bribery and I dislike how even the officials were spineless in that regard.

To put it into perspective, it is simply this; even at his muted self, he is one of the best in this tournament. To those who say he didn't show up for the final and so that doesn't count, if he didn't do what he did for the qualifying rounds, Argentina would not be in the final anyway. And for us footballing fans, we will be more the poorer. And no, this isn't his last chance although most win it around his age now. And like most fans say, who cares. He may not be greatest (if winning the World Cup carries that meaning), he is still great. But guess what? Messi doesn't care about that accolade. I think he just wants to shut Argentina up about him not being Argentinian enough.

Anyway, some well made quotes by fans to put things in perspective;

Some justification for his bad form so to speak in light of our ridiculously high standard for him. After reading many articles about him, I understand many have 2 standards to just a footballer. One is the usual standard that even Cristiano Ronaldo falls into. The other is the Messi standard applied solely to Messi. If he did not convert a goal for every single free kick every single time he gets the ball, he is not good enough. That sort.

A comparison with previous winners. Zidane reminded me of Messi by the way; serious, quiet, no drama except for the justified head butt during the last day of his international career. His award was given to him even before the last game by the way. The only reason Messi was criticised is because he did not lift the cup. If he had lift the cup, even if he fainted half way through the game and did not play and still win the Golden Ball award, I don't think we will be hearing the BS we are hearing now.

Argentina back home greeted by well.. thousands of fans. Mobbed in fact. For a moment I thought they will throw water bottles at them. Anyway the team looked like they were attending a funeral, with grim faces and all.

Finally the man who caused him so much misery; Mario Goetze. I disagree about the whole "greater than Messi" comment by his coach but he is greater than most Argentinian players for his ability to shoot right. He took this picture after the game, not before. Reports said that Messi went to the Germans to congratulate them one by one with tears in his eyes. In fact he went back inside, saw his son and then cried hard. Even the german journalists were impressed by his classiness. Now, I read this in Facebook. Unless I can read German, I don't think the English news will report that.  Anyway even the Germans were class act; the way they clapped the Argentinians. Basically, pure classiness from everyone. I just have this impression all younger players idolise Messi. Whilst none outrightly criticise him, but many outrightly praise him. Even by losing the mark of respect for him never diminish. And he is only 27. Does World Cup maketh a player the greatest ever? Perhaps. Lack of it doesn't mean he is a flop. Again we are judging him by Messi standard which is wholly unachievable. Even Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to reach that level.  Again I must add; if it was Ronaldo named as Golden Ball winner, he would have smiled his toothy grin. That man is if anything, supremely confident of himself, and in the context of Messi, I will say that is a virtue. I read Messi has no intention of leaving Barcelona FC, ever. His name is synonymous with the club who not only gave him his career but also his life in terms of his genetic hormonal condition thingy. Loyalty unsurpassed. But if he were to leave, I believe he will retire and play for an Argentinian club. If he were to transfer to another club, meaning Barcelona sells him, I do think it will be for a record transfer fee and record busting salary. But looks like he won't and Barcelona won't either.

And this ends my World Cup post. This was an exciting World Cup even if the timing was all wrong. There were plenty of great moments, or even terrible moments. To the Brazilians who goaded the Argentinians for losing, let's again put things in perspective. The Brazilians was 4th, and they lost 2 games back to back and in between 2 games conceeded TEN goals. They have no right to brag or do anything. Brazil's dominance of the game is over. In fact the South American dominance of football is over. Now is the rise of the European football; less flair, less Samba and with surgical precision and all about team work and not about individualism. This is the new standard for international football.

And thank you for introducing me to these wonderful players, Lionel Messi especially. He was wonderful to watch; handsome to stare at and awe inspiring in his NEVER DIVE attitude. Oh by the way I vote for Argentinian's 2nd football jersey as the best. It is beautiful to look at. However they might consider burning it since twice they lost to Germans in that colour scheme. Maybe a different blue next time.

What a wonderful tournament; great players and what a wonderful game.

Thanks for reading!

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