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Better fast fast move on because series is dangerously being stagnant plot wise
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Probably too long

Kevin Cheng
Kristal Tin
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Still a bit lost as to KKK connection where all 3 Ks have yet to meet. But it is funny how Kevin actually hoped to get fired or hand in his resignation after what happened but Wong Sir won't have it. He made a deal with a very jubilant Kevin; Kevin is to be a mole in a cheating/fraud case involving developers and housing developments and Kevin was so happy to know he is still a cop and he can legitimately do renovation company work (like how his brother did where he helped his brother before he became a cop) and keep 2 salaries! It is a small case anyway but Kevin proves himself street smart and got close to one of the bigger guns played by Oscar Leung. Funny how "lucky" he is because Oscar knows the violent dude from 2 years ago, that robbery case! But Kevin doesn't know yet.

Meanwhile King Kong meets his friends again (and interestingly played by Louis Yuen, didn't expect him and he sports a rather bad China Cantonese accent) and his friends are cheats aka run in front of cars, feign accident, claim compensation.

Then there's Kristal and daughter and husband still snapping at each other.

So far, KKK not meeting one another yet. I find Kevin's story interesting, Kristal's ok but don't get what's King Kong for.

Better fast fast move on because series is dangerously being stagnant plot wise.

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