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Now, am waiting what's the connection between the KKK.
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Probably too long

Kevin Cheng
Kristal Tin
Other fillers not important enough to know

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Interesting. This episode jumps to 2 years later. Not much changed.

King Kong still gets fired for doing too much, Kevin still avoiding responsibility (but has the reputation as Sharp Shooter though he can't replicate his success from 2 years ago) and Kristal is still having family and work problem, except this time it is the husband who claims she cares more about the daughter. Well, it's true. She does and she chooses to be so. In work, she is still print type with new competition from rival team who is visual type. Interestingly her protege now an award winning writer is still a great assistant.

So where does this go?

Kevin is tasked with shooting a violent robber dead but he misses and his bullet grazes his boss Wong Sir (now I am sure the name is Wong Sir). Instead Wong Sir finds his sharp shooter in the ever fast and ever eager former partner of Kevin.

Less laughs in this episode but Kevin's antics is funny. The way he goes;


By the way, the one who died was his brother and sister in law.

Now, am waiting what's the connection between the KKK.

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