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if you need to start anywhere, episode 3 is a good place to start.

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I persevered and guess what? Episode 3 was da bomb! It was funny, it was scary, it was tragic, it was entertaining, it was different, it was quirky and yet well.. not sure where's the destination but it is going somewhere. I really enjoyed episode 3 which guarantees me watching episode 4.

The memorable moments are a lot but the story is basically three fold; one is Kevin and his quest to dodge danger and yet seemingly finds himself in the centre of danger and miraculously survive it all; second is Kristal and his ever spiraling private and professional life and her choice to choose her husband or choose her daughter and third, the comic relief with King Kong who has the worst luck with keeping a job but never due to his fault.

In fact I quite like the juxtapose between Kevin and King Kong; Kevin's the coward and avoids everything, thinks of every danger, always first himself and yet comes out great in all assignment. King Kong works hard, thinks of others, willingly puts himself out there and yet always finds himself fired for reasons due more to his helpfulness rather than any cowardice on his part. I am still trying to see what's the connection between Kevin, King Kong and Kristal, as I shall call them the KKK, in a good way.

I really enjoyed how trying to avoid danger, Kevin will think all of his moves before doing anything and yet Wong Sir (I think, didn't quite catch the name so I am gonna continue to call him Wong Sir), the big guy at O-Kei sees his slowness as calmness and mistaken them as shrewdness in a detective way when he is simply shrewd. Kevin is a competent detective but he is just a terrible policeman. I enjoyed the side story about the 2 foreign small time thieves who unfortunately had to die in the end. But this episode really has them to great comic relief. Then there's the other gang who use guns and robs, or I call them big time robbers who are very violent. I love the last act where Kevin and his partner accidentally bumps into the 2 thieves who accidentally bumps into one of the robber, each looking for the other an a very scary gun fight ensued in a flour factory. Very good scene. I also like how Wong Sir being very excited with Kevin and said he wants him in O-Kei which was funny in itself because this is a cop finding ways to avoid being in danger and he is gonna be in one dept with the most dangerous actions apart from SDU sort of unit.

I also enjoyed Kristal's story of her troubled relationship with her teenage daughter. The young actress has an old voice but I was shocked when she had little make up on and was in school uniform and suddenly she looked so very young. You may pity Kristal and the predicament she is in; torn between her husband who uses her as an ATM and her daughter who despises her for that. But you get the daughter's anger when she said;

All the money left by dad for me, you used it on him. You questioned every penny I spent, you even stopped my auto payment, my own money! And yet you never questioned when he asked you for so much of my money, so much of your money, he is using you for your money and you gladly let him use you. You act as if you can't survive without him; is it so mom? Is it so that you just can't live without a man, is that it?!

Rude and deserved a slap but ultimately the truth. I really like this dialogue. It's the ugly truth and well acted. Who's the young actress with the fake nose and Korean hairdo?

Kristal had a dream of her late husband whom she loved deeply and she cried asking;

I have done everything for her and yet she said I didn't care. I paid for these photos. I did so much for her. What more can I do? What should I do? What should I do about our daughter?

Well she woke up and she touched the empty space next to her (current husband forever out doing business) and as if speaking to her late husband she said with determination;

I've lost you; I am not going to lose her too.

And so she met her at the school (daughter looks shockingly young) and she patiently asked for her daughter's time, daughter walks away and she shouts;

Can you give just one minute of your time to you mother? ... I have decided. I choose you. You are the most important person in my life and I never ever want to lose you...

Good. I hope she leaves her useless husband. Whilst I kinda pity Kristal and detest the daughter for doing so many stupid things, but those were actions crying for attention. She did tell her mother that was the reason and Kristal asked in shock like when she ever gave her daughter the impression she didn't care. But I just feel this Kristal is living in her bubble of fake perfection; she wishes everything is perfect but nothing is. She married a scoundrel, her daughter is deeply unhappy, she is having many problems.

Her life will spiral down more out of control when something terrible happens to her daughter. She gives me an impression she is in complete denial and is on the verge of madness. How Kevin and later King Kong star in this KKK alliance, well I guess I shall have to wait and see.

Frankly the story's great for this episode. Individual performance are great too, even Kevin did the whole shrewdness thing very well. May Chan doesn't annoy as much, in fact her bond with her brother is something to  be admired. Kristal's desperate hold on her daughter is very realistic and the performances of the younger actors, from Kristal's helpful assistance to her teenage daughter were rather well done. Even the two foreign actors were fantastic. This is a great episode.

BUT that being said, I don't see much chemistry between Kristal and her dead husband, she and her current husband, she and her daughter, Kevin and his niece and assistant, etc. Individually great, together kinda forgettable, including King Kong and May Chan. So I wonder will I be convinced by the love stories later on?

We shall see but thus far, if you need to start anywhere, episode 3 is a good place to start.

P/S Why the shopkeeper looks reluctant to accept the HKD1000 note? I think first it's a huge note for a cheap item (cigarettes) but also because HKD1000 notes I suppose are most counterfeited in HK. 

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