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DESTINATION NOWHERE/迷 [2017][TVB] : Ep 1 & 2

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I am more interested in  knowing how he lost his "balls" (which will be told in short flashback) and ultimately finds his "courage" (probably by the end of the series). 

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I spent 2 hours of my life that I am not getting back watching a series that doesn't know its own direction, more so its destination, going nowhere and like its Chinese title, 迷, that is literally Lost. Or is it Riddle? Confusion? I will go with Google Translate. It's lost from episode 1.

So far we get Kevin Cheng, who due to the tragic double death of his sister and her husband (or his brother and his wife, not sure which is which) and near death of his only living relative, a rather grown up niece, became sort of the Mr Safe Cop who refuses to take risks, who calculate all risks to preserve his own life and also to take the easy way out of everything. Not a character we can ever empathise or even life, and having a niece doesn't help his case. No issue with the acting by the said niece but surely, a man as handsome as Kevin Cheng should have a niece who looks like him?

Then there's Kristal Tin who is a married mother of a teenage daughter who basically hates her because she remarried to a guy who looks rich but depends on her financially. Her first husband, a celebrated author unfortunately died from disease but was a good husband who left a small fortune for his daughter's education, to which Kristal often used to bail her new husband out. She also cut her daughter's auto allowance, money belonging to her daughter and so one gets why the daughter rebels big time. She is a tabloid reporter, or maybe you can say a more respectable magazine author.

Then there's King Kong and his only sister who despite 7 years in HK still speaks funny and is without work and is poor and for god knows why, the one with the most screen time because TVB thinks he could be a funny guy together with May Chan who was normally ok but here is saddled with a character who's nice but annoying.

And what do they all have in common? Episode 2 tells me nothing so far except a pro longed flashback on how Kevin lost and found his cuffs in such painful details by the end of it I was wondering is it really that important we know how he lost and found his cuffs? I am more interested in  knowing how he lost his "balls" (which will be told in short flashback) and ultimately finds his "courage" (probably by the end of the series). 

I find none of the characters relatable. The synopsis sounds great; grieving mother, a cowardly cop. Grieving means Kristal's daughter will die and I suppose that's when things unravel for her and that's when the story starts. But why waste our time by showing all these stuff? Why not start with a grieving mother, flashback why she's grieving and move forward to what she will do to kill that grief? 

It really tests my patience but I am still curious where does Kristal's character will go. So I suppose I will continue to watch but the 1st 2 episodes nearly killed my interest except for 2 very funny but totally unrelated scenes;

the one where the O-Kei detective beat the crap of the criminal who thinks he is the greatest and loves pulling out guns. Very satisfying to watch,

the one where the 2 foreigner thieves opened the door thinking the shop lot is empty to be robbed only to be face to face with a whole lot of people having their drama.

The rest is just... especially the one about the cuff and a burnt underwear had my patience so tested, I wonder why I even bother. But then, the confusing Saimdang wasn't good either. Just different sort of bad.

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