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Want to know more about how Point2e.com got its name? When and who started it? And the objectives and purpose? Well, this is the page for that! Do read on & thank you for being curious about the humble beginnings of this humble blog. By the way that lovely huge picture of a very beautifully made up girl on the right is my avatar in Second Life called Funn Jewell. Her face represents mine in this wonderful world of WWW.

"I am always glad to "see" a familiar face in here"

Dear you,

Point2Entertainment was once known as E-Buzz Serial Database which later changed name to EbuzzDB.com. All came from the same source.

Seagull was the creator of E-Buzz Serial Database which started out as everything TVB as well as some very interesting fan sites. But early 2003, Seagull decided to call it quits with E-Buzz and has since concentrate fully in her pet project, Ada Cache, a fansite of Ada Choi Siu Fun which I believe is doing great. I have a passion for review writing so I decided to take over, move to my own paid host with a new name.

I wanted www.ebuzz.com but unfortunately, that was taken. So I decided on EbuzzDB.com which means E-Buzz Database. After a while, wanting to permanently close the chapter on E-Buzz and wanting a more personal and never been heard before name, I tried a few variations. I wanted Point To Point but the domain name was taken. Then there was P2P and that was also taken. It was much later that I realised all variations of Point To Point were taken and so I was left with no name and no host. Eventually I came up with Point2Entertainment which is actually Point To Entertainment. I believe this name suits the philosophy and the aim of this website. Everything in here, however critical, silly, stupid, pointless, whatever is meant to point to one source and that is to entertain. And all stuff in here have in some way a connection with entertainment which may not be just about the entertainment industry. It includes hobbies, interests, everything that one feels entertained by. So I was very happy when point2e.com was not taken and there began a very difficult journey to finding a home.

Registerfly.com is cheap and very professional, so registering my domain name was not the problem. The problem of course existed early this year when I wanted to renew my domain name and I was told due to my location (read: Malaysia), my credit card details is rejected until I convince them of the authenticity of my card. Needless to say, I was insulted and very angry. The people at Registerfly.com was of course very helpful. But I can't imagine myself going through this insult every year!

The biggest problem was finding a home for my website. Many were out of my budget and since this is only a hobby, I thought not much money should be invested in it. I ended up feeling like a total fool. I chose the very cheap one, worldwebhoster.com. There was zero support but it was cheap and there wasn't a problem. That was until a few weeks ago when I was fed up with their non response and outdated service. So i thought I wanted to cancel my account which was due to expire in April this year and I ended up having to pay for a full year of service that was already terminated even before I knew it was terminated! I wrote to their customer service (which ignores all mails on technical problems) asking for confirmation when will my account end when I requested for termination after the end of my service and the reply I got was that my account was terminated. That was that. I was furious but then what more can I do? Luckily the service was affordable (but still amounts to a hefty amount due to the USD conversion) so I have decided to let it drop. Without a home, I went in search again. Which explained by my website was missing. And I found my longest host, Ace-Host.net which is as cheap but much better. The support is faster, at least they answer my mails within a day and they have this wonderful CPanel and Fantastico! Of course I had to pay for extra services so overall a bit more expensive but I guess with higher bandwidth, I can't complain much. And I didn't. However the economic downturn made me realise there are always cheaper ways to do things. I retain the name Point2e.com, this time with Godaddy.com but I had to give up my host. I decided to go back to Blogger as my full time host since I never really utilised Ace-Host at all. So far I am very happy with Blogger and it many new features. Changing the template layout is maddening with alien things like widget (I am still stuck in the HTML era) but I managed and I think I did well by adapting a ready-made template. So I am happy about my home at last.

Apart from the obvious that is your support?

Now to the layout of this website which is blog based. The main updates page is powered by Blogger which is quite wonderful for someone like me who likes simple technology without the fuss. My reviews and stories (The Storytellers) are powered by WordPress with the template downloaded from a source which I will add in here later since I can't remember. I love the pen which suits the feel of my website perfectly. I still can't help adding personal touches to make this website look clean and yet personal so that explains the colourful panels.

And I have to admit at last this is less a site and more a blog nowadays. I hope you won't find me longwinded or less firepower so to speak. I admit I do not write as often as I did before, mostly due to the fact I watch lesser series or movies these days and as I grow older, somehow the words are getting more difficult to write and I get frustratingly more and more diplomatic. Sarcasm isn't my forte nor my goal anymore. I still write, occasionally and I thank the support of the few that have wrote comments, joined in the discussions and yes, the occasional scolding as well.

I am able to confirm though that I have given up all thoughts and hopes of making a flash based website. It is just too difficult. I am happy though that in my quest to make a flash based website that I actually could make a more realistic graphic, like things placed on a table, shadows and highlights which has been immensely useful to my dress creation for FISL as well as the one you see in the header and at the gateway. But Flash is just too difficult and I am too old to fret about not learning Flash. I'd rather use those times to learn to make more realistic backgrounds and stuff.

As always, your feedback will be very invaluable to the growth of this website and so will your submissions. I still prefer the manual adding of reviews because I like to read your words and add them into my custom made templates. Many websites such as The Storytellers has returned looking better and classier. I am particularly proud of my All About Fukuyama Masaharu blog which blogs about the lyrics to his song. Do give it a visit and enjoy great music as well as hopefully a good looking blog! My aim now is to actually write reviews when I am done moving into this new template. I know I have made empty promises in the past, believe you me, I will continue to do so!!

I hope you will spread the word that there's this website called Point2e.com which is really wonderful and all and I hope to receive your feedback. Come back often, join the RSS Feeds, comment on the reviews, check out the posts and other blogs, click on the Nuffnang ad so that I can earn a bit of cash and send me your reviews. Or just stop by, linger for 1 second. It doesn't matter.

I am always glad to "see" a familiar face in here.

Thank you.


Glitter Words

Updated from intro posted on 25.04.2005

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