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Thank you and goodbye

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Dear friends,

After more than a decade (17 years?) I have decided to close Point2Entertainment. This website will still be here but  at some point www.point2e.com will cease and revert back to point2e.blogger.com so you will still be able to access the old reviews and posts. It was not a difficult decision. I haven't been active in blogging since as you can see the 2nd last post in this list.  It isn't because I have retired or am busy with life.  Quite the contrary. I have learned to make full use of twitter and Instagram. For my Instagram I post about food,  celebrities and many pictures.  For my twitter account which is tied to my Instagram,  I post what I usually post in blogger except in shorter sentences.  There's plenty of posts about series,  movies,  gossips and more. Now with threaded view,  I can post long sentences broken into few posts under one thread.  So frankly I find blogger not as useful anymore. Long gone are the days I post long reviews. I noticed many tvb bloggers are quitting.  I am not quitting but I am changing the way I communicate. 

So thanks for the years and years of support. Will I come back?  I don't think so.  With a handphone and real time thoughts , I find twitter suits me better now. And if I feel the urge to write full reviews, I will be sure to have them posted at http://www.jaynestars.com one of my usual hanging out place.  So if you are interested,  do follow me at Instagram and twitter.  Let's discuss over there.  It is a livelier crowd and opinions matter just as much. You can still post your comments here if you want. And if you are one of those who stumbled here,  welcome!  This is a museum of sort. 

It was a good run whilst it lasted. You all made it a great run in the end. 

Join me in Instagram and twitter.  Search for 'funnlim'

Goodbye AND see ya! !

With much love and humility ,


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