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Webe ... no Webe ... and idiotic warning

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I seriously was changing to Maxis but was stopped because of account creation issue and need to wait for Maxis to do whatever it is which to me is as simple as canceling my account so I can just reregister. Not sure what's so damn complicated. So I am waiting but not happily or eagerly when today, just now, I received an email from Webe which says I will get 3 months free 1GB mobile tethering and will be activated in a few days time. Am I happy?


First, 1GB is pittance. And on careful reading, they now have 500MB for RM8 per month.

Oh dear lord! 500mb FOR RM8 PER MONTH?! Come on! Special deal for TM users. Give us 1GB for RM5 per month. I am a unifi user!

And yes, in my office, connection is off and on and off and on. Couldn't post using twitter right now because NO CONNECTION for hours until suddenly got connection and then connection died. It's like a slumbering dragon. As and when the dragon likes.

But hey, I am not happy with Maxis' technicality too. Everything in Malaysia is 3 WORKING DAYS. They really need to learn from Swanson Vitamins where I can immediately amend an already confirmed order via Chat Online, just like that. As long as no credit card charged.

I jumped on the bandwagon of Webe, the new telco in town because I am a long time user of Unifi and I liked unlimited data and unlimited call within my budget which is really high anyway. Everything in Malaysia is expensive so if the plan is a RMxxx amount, some might think it's ok, more so RMxx. Just 1 month into the experience, I will be damned. I am changing telco. I used to be with Digi for a very long time but back in those days their data plan was not great. So I changed to Maxis because my place then had no Unifi so I needed a plan where I can use the data that comes with a device sharing thing. Hey I am not very technology savvy in terms of TERMS. Anyway when Unifi was available, I changed to Umobile but the data seems to be like water poured away. These were back when these telcos had yet to change their data plan offerings. Then I changed to Celcom and survived on 5GB per month until I upgraded to the 20GB per month plan at almost the same price and I was pretty ok with it except out of KL or inside buildings, even in restaurants, absolutely no line. So I guess I knew why 5GB works for me because there's no line.

Then came a call just a 1 month ago by Webe, latest stuff offering to TM Unifi users and a price that is even cheaper than my Celcom and with better offering. I took it because it suits me. I am more data user than call person. Of course Webe people told me out of KL, Celcom is the network used but never mind, I can live with it. First few days, connection was good. Not fast but it's there and I am from those streamyx years where I can remember the modem dialing. For me, if it is unlimited, I can wait for whatever to download.

However as time goes by, I realise there are any blind spots that Webe doesn't cover or if it does, the connection is simply not stable. Like right now. I wanted to post something on Instagram, 10 minutes ago there's data, 10 minutes later, none. It goes on and off, and it is irritating, especially I like to listen to online radio and it keeps getting interrupted by dis and re connection. That I can't take. But never mind, this is someone who used Celcom for a very long time and can survive.

The deal breaker though is Webe doesn't allow mobile tethering or mobile hotspot. Had to pay. I understand the logic, because it is unlimited, you don't want people abusing that and congesting the line and whatever. But come to think of it, I am a heavy data user not because of my phone.

For my computer, or downloading anything seriously heavy, I have Unifi. When Unifi is down and it will be down sometimes (such as when electricity is out, poof, no Unifi), I rely on my phone's mobile tethering to use my Ipad. I don't use Ipad to download heavy stuff, but to watch youtube videos, surf, read news, etc. Celcom suited me fine and if I had kept within 5GB all these years, it meant I survived on 5GB for my mobile tethering too. I don't need to share my line at all, just me. It becomes even more obvious when I got my Nintendo Switch which relies on Wifi to access the Eshop and news and potentially download games. I won't  be so foolish to use mobile plan to download XX or XXXGB games, that's for Unifi but at least I need the wifi to connect to Nintendo to do some system updating which is of very reasonable amount in terms of GB. Less than GB in fact or even check out their eshop with exclusive videos. Won't take much. And that happened the other day and I reached for my phone when Unifi connection near my computer was not strong enough for my Switch since I had to move closer to the router for that and I was lazy and guess what? All the unlimited data in the world and I can't even share it WITH MYSELF. No tethering, and I remembered that and I threw my phone on the bed, took up my Switch and moved outside towards the router.

So so silly.

One time also in a restaurant and Webe has no mobile data, and I had to "borrow" data from my sis' phone (using Digi) and hers is a meagre 2GB and still I can use because I just wanted to post the damn food picture to my instagram.

Very very frustrating. 

It is either got line but can't use or no line AND no use. It is almost like Celcom but at least Celcom has tethering and when there's connection, in my house especially and when Unifi is having temper tantrums or childish fits, I can at least reach for my phone, switch it on and then use my Ipad through wifi. Not all have super eyesight and can live with a 5.7 inches screen, even if mine is 6 inches by the way. I told my friend about Webe and her first reaction was "What? Can't share with MY OWN devices? What's the point?".

And that is the deal breaker for me. When Unifi is down, and I am in my house, and I want to see some stuff on a bigger screen, I can't. Maybe a workaround is mirroring with my TV or Ipad but that's just so darn slow.

I have written to Webe suggesting why not allow for XXGB allocation for each account for tethering. Not like they need the cash for the tethering. No worries on anyone using it instead of Unifi if you cap it and no one will try to illegally hack it somehow. But no news. No business acumen on seeing that far away. Webe assumes we have one device, period or with unlimited data and tethering, we will go around becoming hotspot for everyone. There are perfectly selfish people like me who just wants to share amongst my own devices, especially my Ipad and my Switch and my laptop when damn Unifi is down. And capping or allotting some data per month for each account will be the perfect answer. I can even deal with the constant disconnection, because nothing is perfect. Or charge a min fee of RM5 for additional RM5GB cap or something per month (instead of the per 2 hours rate right now), I can deal with that since it is still cheaper than Maxis and I support Unifi. 

But nope. No news. Am frustrated and tired and angry.

I am now looking whether to go back to Celcom because the data plan is good due to Anyday GB plan which I love or Maxis because I read that they're most stable and connection everywhere even if it is expensive for the terms they offer. I can live with 10GB per month, I lived with 5GB for a long time as long as I can tether. I think I can and will put up with inconveniences such as price and limited GB.

Still thinking but am losing patience.

P/S am also very angry that I just got a notice from governmental department, some Pharmacy division warning me my health supplements I bought from USA is illegal but let go this time if not I can be in jail and fined because they see me as importing goods. How stupid is that? Malaysia sells highly overpriced vitamins but even then, they don't have specialised vitamins. Am I to register a license so that I can "import" vitamins for my own use? Due to DHL, I usually buy 6 months supply. I guess that's why I was finally "caught" after... 3 years of buying the same way. Already Malaysian Ringgit is shitty as against USD hence the price keeps getting higher but now I get that idiotic notice. I read in their website that 1 month supply is ok and that's like 1 bloody bottle. If it is for personal consumption and can't find the brand in Malaysia, why not allow us? Singapore has a shop selling that particular brand but not Malaysia. I mean as long as the item is below RM500, let us be. No one will import RM500 health supplement as a seller because that's too low. Logic dictates it is for personal consumption and therefore I am not buying to sell for profit, and it is not banned substances (is spirulina banned? Of course not! But you can buy the same in Malaysia for double and triple the price!), free economics people. Let us buy within higher limit for personal use! I don't get Malaysia. We are so backward in everything. I researched alternatives and it will triple my expenses for brands I don't even care for. I love my current brand but because of some warning- notices- happy officers, I am now warned. It just feels so ridiculously stupid that I am asked to register the product, apply for license FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION! If I can buy that brand here in Malaysia for twice the price, I will do it! That's my country, one with policies that burdens the people like myself who simply wants to buy affordable preferred branded health supplements so we can be healthier. I don't even care if I get taxed GST of 6%, plus maybe personal consumption tax of 10% or whatever the hell you call it as long as it is for products under RM500 or whatever. I read that notice again and I see red. Because the paper is red or pinkish but also because it is such a stupid notice to be issued to obviously someone who buys for own consumption. No one buys 4 bottles of the same thing to sell. Or 4 x 4x4x4 for various pills. 4 bottles each is obviously own consumption. Go get the Ebay sellers.

Oh I am so pissed off. Shall need to think 6 months later what to do. I read some even get the warning for 4 bottles of the same thing. Our civil service has too many papers, pink slips for that matter.

Help me. Help me with the insane illogical logic here.

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