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A Quick Word : TVB's The No No Girl

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I am watching and am enjoying TVB's answer to K-romance series, The No No Girl. In fact IT IS K DRAMA minus the youth. We have a bumbling, supposedly unattractive but very very kind and nice girl who goes along with the hero, a hero who is in suits and is a super chaebol and his assistant who perpetually has  a jacket over her shoulder but never actually wears it properly. So many scenes reminds me like this is a K romance that for a moment I thought Gong Hyo Jin, queen of K romance will jump in and Cha Seung Won is there as the super cool super chaebol with abssssss. No, in their place, we have ... is it still Nnadia Chan? I actually forgotten her name until I remembered Chan Chung Ling who looks lovely and acts the part well. A lot of miscast apart from the leads though. But the casting of Eddie Cheung is to me an inspired choice. Never thought of him as sexy or rich looking but here he is, super rich and super sexy. Also typical K romance hero except he's wayyyyyy nicer to the leading lady. Anyway he actually looks physically great. Must have pumped iron and all. He really looks good! And a missed moment was when he woke up in the morning, would have been perfect if h woke up naked. Why not eh?

Yes this is TVB's answer to K romance and so they basically lifted everything from K romance from silly settings to cliche romantic scenes to guy in a suit, girl with jacket over shoulder, bumbling lovable heroine.. except they amped up the age by 2 decades which is ok to me and instead of super chaebol's son, they have the super chaebol himself as the hero. And why not? Super chaebol can marry anyone but the son must marry for amalgamation of 2 big companies.

I like it, cliche or not but it will only feel fresh to those who has never seen a K romance before. Those who have seen it and love every one of them will probably think The No No Girl is a waste of time. Frankly, so far, episode 4, some scenes are questionable, and  not exactly well written or consistent but at least it is a bit light hearted. Leads are well cast so I am enjoying them though I am annoyed with the heroine-meets-super chaebol-and-goes-hiccup. Seen it in TVB all the time, we need another way to express her surprise. What about vomiting? Not that romantic though...

I like the actors next to the secondary roles as in the hotel employees and they all look terribly familiar, uniform or not and then I remember I watched hotel employees scene in Roger Kwok's Dead Wrong.

And I like the actor playing Richmond's son but I feel he is terribly badly cast.

Are you watching this series? Does it remind you of K romance or at least T romance?

Oh it makes me want to watch either The City Hall (with similar characters, as in low self esteem woman and very confident man) or Master's Sun (with a low self esteem woman and a very confident man) or Greatest Love (with low self esteem woman and... wait....are they ALL the same?!).

Believe me, 1 year down the road, there will be a Goblin - ish storyline. Not to say K drama is great but give me Cha Seung Won any time. That man is made for super confident super sexy super chaebol roles.

But Eddie Cheung is like quite close.. man that guy is super sexy in here and he does  nothing but walk in suits, smirk nicely and the rest as expressionless super capable dude. Why I find him so sexy?

P/S in case you are wondering what's this series is about, so far.. it is about a middle aged single woman who is forever unlucky in love and who is in love with love and is pining for a guy who she thinks she can never get but she did for one night 7 years ago and he forgotten who she was. My guess is this is gonna go K drama route; she is pitiful but earnestly pitiful and he feels pity for her and them empathy and then like and finally love her. Minus all the pushing, dragging her along, scolding her, screaming at her, and maybe no hot kisses. And TVB may give her a third party which I hope not. Would like the singular love story for this one.

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