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What I am definitely NOT watching

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In case you are curious, I am DEFINITELY NOT watching TVB's Burning Hands.  I love Ruco Chan but I won't spend a minute watching a series populated with actresses I do not like and having Ruco having a look that I do not feel very attractive and a topic I do not care about. So that's that. I am definitely NOT watching Burning Hands.

Interestingly I could no longer continue with the last 15 episodes or so of Princess Wei Young. I realise that series is same story told a million times within the same series. There is no real anger, no real purpose, no real sense of getting anywhere at all. It is just heroine gets tortured, hero saves her, the end. And I skipped and in the end the hero died saving her and bless her, she got burdened with looking after his "house" aka his kingdom. It's about 2 people who can't take care of anything themselves but ended up taking care other people's stuff. However, the acting is seriously good and whilst the villains are terrible, you can't help but pity them. You know what, I will do a review for whatever spot I stopped at. I just couldn't go on with a series where no one ever EVER sweats even when they're poisoned, imprisoned, tortured, hurt and in feverish pain. Not one drop of sweat.

I wanted to watch When A Snail Falls In Love because I like the morose sulky looking lead actor, Wang Kai but the idea of watching a snail falling in love amidst murder cases is not very appealing to me. It's as if he can't fall in love outside of his work force because he's too lazy to look. And I made the mistake of skipping to the end where they kissed passionately and it was one of the worst kisses I have ever seen. For this, C Dramas must learn from K Dramas on the art of kissing. I might still watch when I had nothing to watch. So this is not definite.

I am watching Saimdang which is getting on my nerves. Lee Young Ae is heavenly but I can't stand the flashback of a mind time travel of a flashback within a flashback concept. I am confused. So do make up your bloody mind; is this Bu Bu Jing Xin or is this just  a story within a story told from ... Saimdang's perspective but why is it showing everyone's perspective? Why is a university lecturer watching laundry for professor? Is Korea that bullying culture? Why isn't Korean authorities banning such negative portrayal and yet they punish those who spread rumours and dodge taxes? If I work in Korea does it mean I have to make kim chis to please everyone when I am there as a professional? What kind of a bullying society is this?! If Lee Young Ae gets it that way, what more for mere mortal like me??

I am also watching TVB's Tiger Moms which is enjoyable except;

a. I hate the boring proper subdue nice gentle Sharon Chan's character. If her son is getting flak for her dual role, for god sake, quit as Disciplinary teacher!

b. why are all the men such wusses?

c. can we have a real teenage rebel  in the younger daughter.. Echo issit? Wow, now we have Venus and Echo. Is there any better indication on what they will become? Venus will be embroiled in dating which mom disapproves and Echo will stop listening to mom, since everything mom says is just echooooooooo...

I might watch the new Kevin Cheng series because I have nothing else to watch.

And I am tired of waiting for Cha Seung Won to come up with a new TV series. He's busy doing absolutely nothing but modeling, ads and now fan meeting in Japan. Where is the new TV series? Let's not talk about movies. They're nothing. I want TV dramas. I now need to fall back on Hwajeong because I miss him on TV but come on Chajumma!! Where's your next TV Drama?!??

ANDDDD I am waiting for Fukuyama Masaharu's Scoop movie which I learn got a blurry love scene at the end. Wow, the man has matured as an actor! And I am still wondering what's his baby's gender.

As for Wallace Huo, well I may have to suffer Zhou Xun to watch him and gorgeous costumes in Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace. Which made me think, maybe TVB can rent these same costumes as second hand costumes for their Ruco Chan's mega series on He Shen instead of using their 10th hand costumes which looks absolutely worn out. And don't give me the BS that He Shen is not married or in love with one of the emperor's (old or young, don't care) concubine. I will scream.

So, what are you watching?


  1. I actually feel you made a good choice not to watch Burning Hands. I didn’t watch it either (haven’t really watched much TVB the past 2 years or so), but I happened to be in the room when my mom watched the finale and in those 2 episodes alone, I saw so much “copying” from old HK movies that I can only imagine how “unoriginal” the rest of the series was. If I had watched the rest of the series, I’m sure I would’ve gotten ticked off big time….

    1. Was it that bad? I saw a few min and I just didn't want to go on. It felt dated. Tiger Moms was a rather better choice for me and am enjoying it. But I notice even die hard Ruco fans are like having a hard time admitting they love it, like they can't even lie to themselves. What went wrong? What's so unoriginal?

    2. I can’t speak for the entire series, since I only watched the last 2 episodes. Nor can I speak to what possibly turned the series off for even die-hard Ruco fans, since I'm not one of them. But overall, the feedback from those I’ve talked to who actually watched is that the series feels outdated and everyone is merely going through the motions. This is actually in-line with my opinion of the last 2 episodes. I’m assuming that the series feels outdated because majority of it was probably a rehash of old HK movies with a few elements changed. In terms of the stuff that I noticed was “copied” in the last 2 episodes – watch John Woo’s 1991 film “Once a Thief” and you’ll find that the series is “eerily similar”….


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