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True! true!!

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Latest info. 


Media and economists predict that in less than a month from now, Malaysia will fall into a state where:

Factories, Shops, and even entire Government Departments would be closed! 

The Stock Market would also stop trading. Price hikes will be everywhere.

Families and businesses will post signs and messages on the doors to announce closures. 

Households would have started stockpiling food some days earlier..

Adults would be drinking and gambling all day... 

Young children will be running around asking for money. 

The streets would be filled with remnants of explosives and gunpowder. Lions will be set free to roam from house to house. .

The entire country would appear to be in the midst of a collapse. 

Some might call this an Economic Crisis, but in Malaysia we call this period......

The Chinese New Year !


So funny! Got this from a friend! 

Very very true!!

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