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The love and dread of living alone

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I have just made a huge step in my life, quite late in life. I've just co-bought an apartment in a 5 storey walk up.. apartment. It's not much, but in Malaysia, especially in the city, whilst it is out of the way of the city, it is considered a very very good buy. I visited the place, I walked up 5 storeys to have a look and I fell in love with the view and the idea of it. It is a new development but already built so that takes away any anxiety of developer running away with my money and not completing the place. There's some landscaped area nearby, in a predominantly chinese area. The entire place, the secluded area feels like Wayward Pines to me. That's why it feels like Wayward Pines; it felt like a world of its own. Everyone buying these probably buys to stay because I don't see any investment value per se. The one I bought, well actually co bought because I can't afford the entire place myself is the top floor. In western world, top floors mean penthouse right? In Malaysia, the higher the floor, the cheaper, mainly because this is 5 storey walk up meaning no lift. So I have to exercise a bit. I wanted the lower floor, maybe 4th or 3rd floor but unfortunately only top floors left. What is great about top floor i the view of the city or surrounding area and the fact that directly in front of my place is double storey houses which means.. definite unobstructed view like forever. The layout is very nice, using every space and it is 933sf with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Of course the demo house was perfectly arranged so my eventual house probably looks less than that. Quite frankly I can't afford to renovate it or do some major decoration so it will be quite bare. And I told my family I ain't moving there until much much much later; since I need to save up for furniture and all.

But it is an exciting prospect for me because it means I am living alone for the first time in my adult life. And that's when the worry comes in, The cost, the loan, the bills, the idea of alone in a house. My brother and his family will be living next door to me but in my place, I am alone. Sometimes even in my own room alone I get a bit jumpy over every sound, every crash. You know what I mean? Now I will be totally alone. But I feel at some point we will be alone in our lives and we must learn to live with it.

Anyone living alone, any advice? To just appease my fear?

But the cost is really an issue. I will live not too far but still quite a driving distance from my family home. So it means extra cost because food wise, I can't be having dinners at home anymore. Need to wash my own clothes, clean my own place. It feels so daunting.

Not to mention walking up 5 storeys. I calculated that as in I thought about it; it gives me the exercise I need. Seriously.

I wonder though.. can I keep a pet?

Update... boo hoo. Not allowed to keep DOGS by local council. All else is fair game.


  1. Esther Lee30/1/17 7:09 PM

    I'm a Malaysian living alone in my own apartment in a foreign country (that's worse).
    I get by leaving my tv turned running tvb series. It's not because the series are good but it helps by having noise in the background. Yes, you have to do your own laundry and stuff but you get to do your own thing.

  2. I've been yr silent reader for 1-2 yrs now and hv always enjoyed your blogging as well as your comments in JayneStars. Do u mind sharing which apartment location that you have bought as I am having exactly the same thoughts. Many thanks.


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