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You are so dead to me now.

Series after series,
churned out months after months,
when I thought one series was still ongoing,
alas it has ended and new one has begun.

Yet, yet I do not switch to the new series,
for I see another undesirable pairing,
or an undesirable actor,
who I knew my heart will never carry any torch,
as they won't carry the series itself.

My heart yearns for a good series,
to sink my teeth into,
to recap every night like how I did years before...

It was more than a year
before I posted a new review
for a current series
that fired my desire to have an opinion and share it

But now am back to square one.

To be fair..

I feel no desire to write a review for K dramas, C dramas, J dramas, any drama
because only TVB series spurs me on to write
my feelings,
to bear my soul,
and my heart
for my fellow netizens to read

Maybe might write for a K drama
but rarely so
for paragraphs of bashing is now for TVB alone
heart sick as I am
I see no better alternatives

I stopped obsessing over TVB
Stopped accepting mediocrity

Am now hoping for that one series
where I will feel like having
my fingers tap dance on the keyboard again
An episodic thoughts perhaps
A full review perhaps
Nightly opinion perhaps

I've lost my patience waiting
Same like how my fellow readers have lost patience waiting for me

you will never die
I lied.
You are still alive to me.

But will you regain that special place in my heart

Will you?
Could you?



  1. Haha. Love the poem!

    Glad to see you back and swinging Funn!!! I stopped watching TVB for the same reasons. I simply refuse to waste time on mediocre dramas, which is why I turned to Cdramas.

    I recently binged watched Nirvana in Fire and it is, in my opinion, simply the best drama I've ever seen in terms of acting, story, pacing,... everything! What is your opinion of Nirvana?

    1. I actually thought I wrote a review for nirvana in fire. I remember writing it. I did watched when it was on TV, the tvb version which was very very fast so quite a few scenes cut. I love all of it except for the last 2 min which is I think tvbs fault because I was told whoeever saw the c version which was much longer it ended the way I thought it ended. It is not the best costume drama ever but it is excellent because I love bromance. I believe they used the actors real voice except for a few. I really did write a review I think.

  2. Hello! I'm new here and i actually really enjoy reading your reviews on tvb dramas (which are harder to find as compared to kdramas) so i hope you'd find a tvb drama that erm rekindles your passion or something. Hahaha. From what i've gathered online, Fashion War (2016) seems not bad though i haven't started. Hope to read more of your reviews in future!:)

  3. Esther Lee19/1/17 3:24 PM

    Pretty much in the same boat. Everytime I watch a new series from tvb, I felt my brain dying slowly. I've been asking myself why am I watching this junk.


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