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The love and dread of living alone

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I have just made a huge step in my life, quite late in life. I've just co-bought an apartment in a 5 storey walk up.. apartment. It's not much, but in Malaysia, especially in the city, whilst it is out of the way of the city, it is considered a very very good buy. I visited the place, I walked up 5 storeys to have a look and I fell in love with the view and the idea of it. It is a new development but already built so that takes away any anxiety of developer running away with my money and not completing the place. There's some landscaped area nearby, in a predominantly chinese area. The entire place, the secluded area feels like Wayward Pines to me. That's why it feels like Wayward Pines; it felt like a world of its own. Everyone buying these probably buys to stay because I don't see any investment value per se. The one I bought, well actually co bought because I can't afford the entire place myself is the top floor. In western world, top floors mean penthouse right? In Malaysia, the higher the floor, the cheaper, mainly because this is 5 storey walk up meaning no lift. So I have to exercise a bit. I wanted the lower floor, maybe 4th or 3rd floor but unfortunately only top floors left. What is great about top floor i the view of the city or surrounding area and the fact that directly in front of my place is double storey houses which means.. definite unobstructed view like forever. The layout is very nice, using every space and it is 933sf with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Of course the demo house was perfectly arranged so my eventual house probably looks less than that. Quite frankly I can't afford to renovate it or do some major decoration so it will be quite bare. And I told my family I ain't moving there until much much much later; since I need to save up for furniture and all.

But it is an exciting prospect for me because it means I am living alone for the first time in my adult life. And that's when the worry comes in, The cost, the loan, the bills, the idea of alone in a house. My brother and his family will be living next door to me but in my place, I am alone. Sometimes even in my own room alone I get a bit jumpy over every sound, every crash. You know what I mean? Now I will be totally alone. But I feel at some point we will be alone in our lives and we must learn to live with it.

Anyone living alone, any advice? To just appease my fear?

But the cost is really an issue. I will live not too far but still quite a driving distance from my family home. So it means extra cost because food wise, I can't be having dinners at home anymore. Need to wash my own clothes, clean my own place. It feels so daunting.

Not to mention walking up 5 storeys. I calculated that as in I thought about it; it gives me the exercise I need. Seriously.

I wonder though.. can I keep a pet?

Update... boo hoo. Not allowed to keep DOGS by local council. All else is fair game.

True! true!!

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Latest info. 


Media and economists predict that in less than a month from now, Malaysia will fall into a state where:

Factories, Shops, and even entire Government Departments would be closed! 

The Stock Market would also stop trading. Price hikes will be everywhere.

Families and businesses will post signs and messages on the doors to announce closures. 

Households would have started stockpiling food some days earlier..

Adults would be drinking and gambling all day... 

Young children will be running around asking for money. 

The streets would be filled with remnants of explosives and gunpowder. Lions will be set free to roam from house to house. .

The entire country would appear to be in the midst of a collapse. 

Some might call this an Economic Crisis, but in Malaysia we call this period......


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What I am currently watching
→ Not TVB series
→ The Goblin

What I am considering to watch
All C-dramas such as...
→ Princess Weiyoung
→ When A Snail Falls In Love

What I am tempted to watch (again)
→ Nirvana In Fire, the full version

Still going to watch
→ A Movie every Saturday

Not ever gonna continue to watch
→ the travesty known as Love Yunge From The Desert. 15 min of Angelababy's zero expression is more than enough.

What are you watching? Any recommendation?

Reviews in planning
I always say I will write for certain series but ended up will write for those I never say I will write. But when I am up for it, I will write for the C dramas I've watched. When The Goblin is over, expect a review.


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You are so dead to me now.

Series after series,
churned out months after months,
when I thought one series was still ongoing,
alas it has ended and new one has begun.

Yet, yet I do not switch to the new series,
for I see another undesirable pairing,
or an undesirable actor,
who I knew my heart will never carry any torch,
as they won't carry the series itself.

My heart yearns for a good series,
to sink my teeth into,
to recap every night like how I did years before...

It was more than a year
before I posted a new review
for a current series
that fired my desire to have an opinion and share it

But now am back to square one.

To be fair..

I feel no desire to write a review for K dramas, C dramas, J dramas, any drama
because only TVB series spurs me on to write
my feelings,
to bear my soul,
and my heart
for my fellow netizens to read

Maybe might write for a K drama
but rarely so
for paragraphs of bashing is now for TVB alone
heart sick as I am
I see no better alternatives

I stopped obsessing over TVB
Stopped accepting mediocrity

Am now hoping for that one series
where I will feel like having
my fingers tap dance on the keyboard again
An episodic thoughts perhaps
A full review perhaps
Nightly opinion perhaps

I've lost my patience waiting
Same like how my fellow readers have lost patience waiting for me

you will never die
I lied.
You are still alive to me.

But will you regain that special place in my heart

Will you?
Could you?



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"I was ready to criticise and not see any good in it. However on reflection I see the good as well"

Reviewed by
Funn Lim

Released in 

No. of Episodes

More info
Wikipedia, Jaynestars

The title is so apt. As I was watching this series (purely for Ruco Chan), my hand formed into a fist and I found myself punching all 4 walls, purely out of frustration. This series won Best Series in TVB Awards and I feel it was the popular choice but it was the wrong choice. The best series of the year was House of Spirits and it wasn't for its performances or story. It was for consistency in the story and performances.

What A Fist Within Four Walls lack is consistency in absolutely everything. Character, pacing, storytelling, focus, ending. It focused on A and ended on B when A was the more interesting story.

DEAD WRONG / 致命復活 [2016][TVB] : A REVIEW

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"For a while it was almost impossible to even relate to anyone in this series. I couldn't rank who I liked most but I could rank who I hated most"

Reviewed by
Funn Lim

Released in

No. of Episodes

More info
Wikipedia, Jaynestars

You know, I'm quite fascinated with how TVB is these days. They want to be different, they try to be different, they do different things but infuriatingly, everything different leads to the same old thing before they try to want and do different things. The changes are superficial, in the end they stick to the usual "die hard fans say winning but disillusioned fans say what winning" formula. Fact is ratings are generally down on all fronts. To be fair, tech savvy people these days just watch online, download torrent, they don't hug the TV anymore, and they can record the shows to watch later, which I somehow feel does not count towards the ratings.

I have abandoned TVB for a long time or shall I say TVB abandoned us all by being stubbornly same old stuff. Then I read about Dead Wrong and it has Roger Kwok and some story about him being marooned on an island and he wanted revenge and I thought, well this time, TVB will get it right.

When it debuted, I watched, religiously all episodes and in the end, I can conclude that I like some parts of it, I dislike some parts of it, but overall, my emotional attachment to TVB does not make me say I love Dead Wrong because I don't. On a deeper level of my emotional self, as I asked myself, "Funn, do you love this series?" and I will zenly say "If love is hate, I love it so". No, I don't hate it either. It's just that it was just a series that went through the motions of a story that is not very well written and with some different stuff thrown into it to package it differently but open it up, lo and behold it's same!

But let's just go through the motions shall we?


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